PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One and Nintendo Switch last month in the U.S.

Sony introduced a new model of its of its slim PlayStation 4, and that juiced sales for the console in June.The PS4 was the top-selling hardware platform last month ahead of Nintendo Switch or Microsoft's Xbox One, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. read more

No Naughty Dog in Microsoft's Kennel

Key Highlights-- Top five quantity developers failed to manage a single exceptional(Metacritic Critic Score>=90) title- Only one Microsoft platform exclusive((Not XBO exclusive) developer,Playground Games of Forza Horizon 3 fame managed an exceptional release.- No XBO or Microsoft exclusive AAA developer features in the top 10 of User Rating read more

Was Spider-Man downgraded? 2016 vs 2017 Graphics Comparison

Recently one of the fans asked Insomniac Games directly on Twitter about possible Spider-Man downgrade, that he believe to spot.Devs strongly denied that. read more

The Ugly Truth Behind Crackdown 3 Being 'Ugly'

One of Microsoft’s upcoming games Crackdown 3 is beginning to attract a lot of hate.Set to release November 7th along side the Xbox One X, Crackdown 3 is supposed to bring the BOOM. read more

3 Big Reasons Why the PS4 Pro will Outsell the Xbox One X

Lex: It can be a big game changer when the latter outsells the former.But that’s likely to happen when Microsoft’s so-called “most powerful” console gets some first-party games to make it a good choice when it launches later this year. read more

Bloodborne 60 FPS Dream Is Long Dead

Bloodborne is a fan favorite action RPG from the critically acclaimed studio Form Software.It is one of the only Souls-like game released this generation that is exclusive to a single platform unlike the Dark Souls series. read more

I'm Starting To Seriously Worry About Crackdown 3, Xbox One X's Launch Title

Forbes: "There’s some “new” footage of Crackdown 3 making its rounds on the internet, but a little digging reveals that it isn’t new at all, but rather higher quality film of gameplay that was showcased off-stage at E3 a few weeks back with developer commentary.I found it via “Rad Brad,” a big-time YouTuber, who uploaded the footage and commented on it with an endless number of positive affirmations mostly involving the word “sick,” but I’m less enthused about what I’m seeing and I’m starting to be genuinely concerned about what is effectively the launch game for Xbox One X, coming out on November 7th, the same day as the console itself. read more

PS4 Update 4.72 Creeps Out, Can Be Downloaded Now

While PlayStation 4 update 4.71 came out a few weeks ago, Sony has released another firmware revision to the PS4 just now. read more

No Way Anthem Looks This Great At Launch, Downgrade Imminent

Gaming Central wasn't the only one blown away by how amazing Anthem's trailer looked the Microsoft Press Conference during E3 2017.However, the game looks poised for an imminent downgrade. read more

Nintendo is Erasing the Wii U

The Wii U was a failure.Specifically, it was a failure of a console, but it had great games. read more

Console GPU Power Compared: Ranking Systems By FLOPS

What is a teraFLOP?Thanks in large part to Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X console, we've been hearing a lot about teraFLOPS lately, but what exactly is a teraFLOP? read more

Revealed: Microsoft's Xbox One X benchmarks

DF: "We were hoping that E3 would be the venue to put to rest the question of Xbox One X's raw gaming potential, but only a handful of native titles were revealed - and as such, some degree of scepticism surrounds Microsoft's 'true 4K' claims." read more

Breath of the Wild's Season Pass is the Worst DLC Nintendo Has Ever Made

"Nintendo were a bit late getting on the DLC train in the first place, but when they did the results were pleasantly surprising.Breath of the Wild has taken no lessons from their Mario Kart & Smash Bros. read more

Rumour: Mass Effect Andromeda’s Story DLC has been Cancelled

Critical Hit: I think it’s fair to say that Mass Effect: Andromeda did not have the impact anyone had hoped.The divisive space opera RPG was not as well received by critics or fans of the series as previous games. read more

Microsoft are in danger of becoming the friend that no one really likes

Sean @ FG: Microsoft and Xbox need to reign in their PR spin before they become the friend that no on really likes…Every friend group has one.It’s that asshole friend who nobody really likes but still gets to hang around with you because everyone is too polite to tell them to jump off a cliff. read more

PS Plus: Free Games for July 2017

The free PlayStation Plus games for July are Until Dawn and Game of Thrones.Also included are Tokyo Jungle, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Element4l, and Don’t Die, Mr. read more

No Games? Xbox One is on track to have more Exclusives than the 360.

As E3 comes and goes for yet another year, Xbox and Phil Spencer have certainly been centre stage for many.Since it was revealed in the 2016 briefing that we would be expecting a new console (codenamed Scorpio), which has recently been showcased as the Xbox One X, fans have been even more demanding this year for Xbox to deliver. read more

Front Office Football Central - Powered by vBulletin

FOF8/TCY Discussion This is the place to talk about Front Office Football 8, The College Years, and any other future or potential Solecismic Software sports game releases.MIJB#19 4,87859,365FOFC Hosted Multiplayer Leagues FOOL (Baseball), FOWL (Pro Football) and NCAA Dynasties (College Football) Forums can be found here. read more

Two New Life is Strange Games in Development, Prequel "Before the Storm" Coming This Summer

There has been some news recently from the game’s developer, DONTNOD, that a new game in the series is being worked on.Later, it was speculated that Colorado-based developer Deck Nine was also working on a Life is Strange game. read more

Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay leaks ahead of EA Play 2017

Publishers spend a lot of time trying to surprise gamers but others aren’t that careful.It looks like footage from a YouTuber’s channel leaked early and was posted to various forms of social media and video-sharing websites. read more