Quantum Break Scores Surprise Japanese Chart Success

"Success" means different things to different people. For Microsoft, success in Japan these days can pretty much be declared if one fella buys an Xbox One console in some sort of drunken haze. The Japanese people aren't interested in the console and therefore, pretty much every game released for Xbox One in the country sells about four copies.

So, to see ANY Xbox One game (not just Microsoft-published ones) appear in the week's Japanese bestsellers list is a total surprise. But, Remedy's Quantum Break appears this week, rocking in at number 19 for what is sure to be a one-week stay, after clocking up 3,124 physical sales in the country.

The last Xbox One title to feature in the top 40, let alone the top 20, was Halo 5: Guardians, which hit the heady heights of #11 in the last week of October 2015 (before disappearing right away.)

The full top 20 for the week spanning the 4th to the 10th of April is as follows. This week's sales are listed, followed by the lifetime sales for the game in parenthesis:-

The popularity of Quantum Break caused a massive spike in Xbox One hardware sales in Japan too, with the console selling 212 units this week, as opposed to just 207 last week.

This means that it was outsold by 6 to 1 by the PlayStation 3. Yes, you read that right.

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