Microsoft Confirms E3 2016 Briefing Details

In plenty of time to allow you to book the day off work, Microsoft have confirmed the details of their E3 2016 press conference/media briefing/livestream.

The show will lay out Microsoft's plans for the next year or so (at least) with regards to Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming, and will take place at 9:30am Pacific/4:30pm GMT on Monday, June 13th. We'd expect - although it has yet to be confirmed - that the show will be streamed over Xbox Live. We'll also be running our usual liveblog, of course...

By the time the light shines on Microsoft, we'll have already seen EA and Bethesda's plans for the year, since their shows will take place the day before, on the Sunday. The means that it'll be a three way shootout for coverage on the Monday, between Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Sony.

If you can't be doing with press conferences and the like, keep your eyes on pX and we'll bring you all the news and more. We got your back, which is something we've been told that the hip kids say.

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