Timeless American ~ A Selection Of Pre-1916 Motorcycles

Timeless American ~ A Selection Of Pre-1916 Motorcycles is beautifully designed large coffee table book (approximately 11"x14" Landscape style) showcasing 46 original American made motorcycles starting from the years 1900 through 1915 (The golden era). 

Some of the featured bikes in this book are Indian, Harley-Davidson, Excelsior, Thor, Flying Merkel, Hudson, Henderson, Reading Standard, Pope, Marsh Metz, Marvel, Sears, Yale and Cyclone to name a few.  

The majority of the motorcycles in this book are restored to perfection while a handful are still in their un-restored original condition. Photographed beautifully and showcased for the viewer to truly take an in depth look at some of America's iconic and truly rare motorcycles, with a brief summary and history on each bike and the manufacturer.

" I spent 2 years to complete this book. I've photographed, staged, designed the layout of the book, researched each bike to the best of my knowledge giving a brief history of each bike and the manufacturer." - Eddie Lee

Eddie Lee is a second-generation Korean American, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His need for all things fun led him to follow his passions early on in life. These came in the form of anything that rolled, slid, or floated — surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and, of course, riding motorcycles. At the age of 18, Eddie would begin a nearly 20-year career in the action-sports industry. Primarily self-taught, he began to shoot photos through his travels for work. As time went on, Eddie became more involved in photography, and his images have been published in magazines such as TransWorld SNOWboarding and Snowboarder Magazine. Recently his photos have also appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

In 2014, Eddie took a leap of faith and decided to focus primarily on his photography. For two years, he shot, designed, and researched the images and subject matter of this book. It has been a labor of love, learning, and a lot of patience. He hopes not only that you enjoy it, but also that he can inspire those of you who have a passion for following your heart and making good things happen.

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