D-TWELVE LAMP. The modular magnetic lighting system

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"This lamp is unlike any you’ve seen before" (BRIT+CO)

"Their lamp D-Twelve [...] explores the modularity, the versatility and the customizable design of lighting" (FUBIZ)

"If you’re looking to light up your room with a beautiful LED lamp, the customizable D-TWELVE light may be just what you’re looking for " (INHABITAT)

As design lovers we know how difficult is to personalize what designers have drawn for our home. Many times we face the difficulty of finding something unique and precious at the same time. D-TWELVE is the revolutionary LED lighting system created to suit your changing needs thanks to its magnetic connections. Reshape D-TWELVE every time you need it and change D-TWELVE appearance every time you want.

Choose the number of modules, from one to seven, and join them together in endless combinations. Direct the light where you want just rotating the modules with your hands. Shape D-TWELVE in unlimited forms, dimensions, orientations, materials and colours, according to your needs and taste: use a single or double lamp to brighten a table or build an amazing lighsculpture with seven modules!

D-TWELVE is intended to be used in many ways: choose from the available add-ons and explore all the possible applications. Place D-TWELVE on the night table or fix it to the wall. Use more modules to brighten a room with a pendant lamp or create a chandelier for the living room.

To match your taste and your home style D-TWELVE is available in three different materials: beech wood, concrete and screen-printed fabric. Choose the one you like most or personalize your lamp mixing two or three materials together. Moreover you can choose from three textile cable colors: white, black and orange.

Each module is dodecahedron-shaped and has three magnetized sides that allow the connection between the modules and the passage of current from one to another. Thanks to this innovative solution just one of the modules needs to be connected to the power grid. The magnets' radial arrangement makes the modules snap-in rotatable so the light can be easily directed as one wishes. Indeed D-TWELVE is sized to perfectly fit in to one's hand and is completely safe to touch, due to the extra-low voltage current.

With less than 5 watts per module D-TWELVE is a high energy efficient lamp and unlike many lamps on the market, the LED can be easily replaced just by opening the acrylic glass and unscrewing it (even if the estimated LED life is 50000 hours!). The light source used is a warm white (2700 k) high luminous flux LED Luxeon K, produced by Philips Lumiled. This is one of the most advanced LED due to its high lumen density (345 lumen) and its low energy consumption (less than 5 watts). When the lamp is turned on, the holes on the back ensure heat dissipation.

We meticulously check the quality of our supplies to offer a reliable and durable product. D-TWELVE is manufactured with top quality materials:

Transforming D-TWELVE in a wall lamp, a table lamp or a ceiling lamp is quick and easy. Just attach one of the add-ons to the lamp:

Basic-TWELVE is a handmade concrete lamp shade we created for our (basic) supporters! It is designed for standard-sized E14 (SES) lamp holders and, thanks to three magnetized sides, it can be used alone or in multiple items combinations.

International backers will be responsible for applicable tariffs and customs fees.

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