dabble - the limited print poster project

Dabble is a limited print poster project consisting of seven motives that tell individual stories in a light and humorous way. My intent is to amuse you through the stories that each motive tells and above all my ambition is not to make you think too hard, but rather to make you wonder a little. If my illustrations can trigger a new thought or even make you smile - well, that is my motivation!

The motives or dabbles are minimalistic in their expression, consist of few colours, clean lines and all illustrate a playful duality between our world and the creatures in them. The stories they tell are open to interpretation and I invite you to play with the what's and the why's. My ambition has been to create motives that do not scream for attention, but rather add a subtle something to wherever you might place or hang them.

The dabbles will be of limited print and if this turns out to be something you guys like, I’ll be creating a new series in the future, perhaps even going into other mediums and sizes. The scope of this project is to print one hundred A3 posters of each motive. If all goes according to plan, you will have your limited dabble prints sometime in may of this year. Every dabble will be hand-numbered from one to one hundred.

Wow! Initial goal reached within a week – my words are gone! I’m grateful, proud, happy and also humbled at the same time… It is a surreal experience. A sincere thank you to all that have backed this project so far :-)!

Where to go from here?

Well, I’ve looked into how much backing it would take to launch dabble into the "real world" and created a stretch goal for that purpose. Reaching this will ensure that dabble lives in its very own web shop for a year.

If dabble reaches its stretch goal, I’ve got something in the works for all you awesome backers! Namely a completely unique dabble with the three most popular dabbles, combined into one print. You will be the only ones receiving this dabble, think of it as a limited extra special edition illustration, from me to you :-)!

The below chart illustrates the entire costs of dabble so far, also including the prior costs(greyed out) to starting this campaign and are not a part of the 7'841 DKK goal. 

Add a few hundred hours of sketching, illustrating, feedbacking, clipping, reworking, iterating ... and you have seven dabbles :-)! 

If you'd like, I'll happily meet up with you and hand over your print in person - I'd love to hear why you backed this project and how you interpret the different motives. 

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