Little Spoon Ice Cream

Lopez Island is indeed a small place with a relatively small population. However, Lopez is big in terms of opportunity. It has a vibrant local community deeply engaged in food culture, with many craftsmen, artisans, and farmers producing fresh delicious ingredients. Moreover, the people of Lopez are incredibly caring and interested in seeing young people succeed. If it were not for the guidance and support of Lopez community members, I would never have come this far in making this ice cream dream come true. I like to think of Little Spoon Ice Cream in part as a way to give back to the community that has so bolstered my confidence as a person and an entrepreneur.

But of course you can’t choose your location solely on warm fuzzy feelings. Lopez is also a great spot for ice cream because of high demand, availability of quality local ingredients, and a huge influx of ice cream hungry visitors in the summer months. The San Juan Islands see about a million tourists each year, with some of that traffic to Lopez. Most of these visitors come to the farmers market, and my ice cream will be there to serve them. However, I like to think my ice cream can serve visitors and locals alike through different sale structures. While my farmers market stand largely serves visitors, my community ice cream club allows locals to pick up their ice cream on their own time, often with special flavors not available at the market

What I have factored into my funding goal is what I need to get this business started. However, there are few other things on my wishlist. Namely, ice cream carts. Ice Cream carts come in a variety of sizes and quality. The higher quality ice cream maker ice can buy, the more ice cream I can hold at a consistent temperature. 

"Be prepared to swoon with delight. Jen’s ice cream is original and perfectly delicious, one little spoon-full after another … after another….. ..oh my..." Peggy Bill

"Her ice cream is soooo good. Puts fancy places like 'salt and straw' to shame. Best ice cream ever." Kyle Lorts

"This ice cream, especially roasted rosemary almond brittle, makes me feel happy in my soul" Sophie Gryzcan

"Jen's creamy confections are genius.  She takes tastes we all love and combines them with others that are totally unexpected but perfectly complimentary." Alison Leake

"I was rooting for Jen to be headed to grad school before I tasted her ice cream. Now I'm looking for her to support me in my sunset years."

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