HULKI Eco-friendly designer toys that kids can play inside!

Forget about plastic! Meet the new kids sensation called HULKI. Ingenious design, super strong, and 100% environmental friendly! HULKIs are seriously large toys to hide in, play around, and explore with your Apple or Android tablet.

We've put time into designing every aspect of our HULKIs. Experience timeless, modern Dutch Design where the natural beauty of cardboard is combined with appropriately selected vibrant colors. HULKIs also fit nicely in mum & dad’s interior.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to watch the kids have the time of their lives playing in a giant Owl, Whale or Turtle while using their brains to create stories and solve puzzles. Not only do kids genuinely love HULKIs, but setting up a HULKI in your living room will probably score you some brownie points too!

All kids love animals and all kids love to hide-in, hide-under or crawl through cool places. We've combined these 2 things and mixed it with app-power and a designer touch. The goal is to give kids something so cool they will remember for a lifetime!

Forget about plastic.
We and many other parents got fed up with the unnatural stack of bright colored plastic toys in and around the house.The problem is that, most of the time, these toys end up on landfills, as most plastic toys are not biodegradable and do not get collected for recycling. With this in mind, it was our goal to design a series of unique, eco-friendly, better looking, super affordable playhouses. So HULKI is a double win: the kids are happy, and the planet gets a well-deserved rest from toxic plastic.

To enrich the Adventure we developed an App to boost imagination.
The HULKI adventure app for your tablet comes FREE with all HULKIs and contains at least 1 unique audio story. At this moment only the HULKI Turtle has 3 games included. Stretch goals will unlock games for other playhouses as well! We use stretch goals because quality game development is extremely costly. Stretch goals bring extra rewards to the project! But only if the project is over funded. Our first stretch goal is set at 45K.

What to expect from the HULKI App when choosing HULKI Turtle as a reward? The Turtle section contains 1 Audio story and 3 games. You can choose to listen to a story about Kathie & Glenn, 2 kids that have found an old turtle shell that they use to go on a sea adventure. Or start a game where you have to protect the eggs from uninvited guests. You can even get creative and choose a game where you can make underwater Caribbean style music on a set of oysters. There's also the Reef Cleanup, where you need to collect rubbish from the reef surface with a small electric powered submarine.

HULKIs come with great audio stories!
All audio stories are written by creative writer Michelle Sommerville from Australia. The stories are exciting and vivacious. Between the lines, the stories contain basic educational information about the specific animal or the habitat they live in. The Turtle story below is narrated by former BBC voice Peter Baker from the UK. 

Kids from ages 3 to 7 with parents, grand-parents, or cousins that are willing to spoil them with a cool, big, interactive playhouse. Important Note - HULKIs are not suitable for children under age 3 due to small parts.

Yep! HULKIs (what's in a name!) will be made of beautiful ultra-strong, double layered, special corrugated cardboard! This custom engineered cardboard has nothing to do with standard double layer cardboard. This is cardboard on steroids! Watch for yourself how strong 4 mm cardboard can be in our weight comparison test below!

HULKIs are easy to assemble. To make sure assembly goes as smoothly as possible, all HULKIs come with a YouTube assembly video that gives visual step-by-step instructions with audio guidance. After the fun is over HULKIs can be de-assembled and re-built multiple times. Average assembly times are as follows...
Owl: 8- 10 minutes, Whale: 10- 15 minutes, Turtle: 15 - 25 minutes. Watch the video below to see how assembly is done.

Big is not always expensive! We want HULKIs to be affordable for everyone. The best part is that if you support us today you will receive a HULKI months before the rest of the world for an Early Bird price of € 39/$43. Be fast as we only have 250 yellow and red Birds reserved for our Early Bird backers. Remember: all HULKIs come with the FREE HULKI app!

After working in the design industry for a combined 18 years, developing graphics for some of the top brands on the globe like Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Philips, Wells Fargo, and Tommy Hilfiger, we (Jasper and Thijs from the Netherlands) realized there was a large gap in design & eco friendliness in the world of toys.
We decided it was time for a new era of toys to come to life.
Brigit as a creative music teacher joined in later to look after the kids’ needs and wishes.

Thanks go out to all our friends and family with their kids for conquering endless patience when testing and shooting video and photographs. We would like to extend extra thanks to all our friends’ kids: Noor, Sander, Oscar, Iza, Luc, Joep, Kyrsa, Noah, and not to forget Mika for being such great mini-models.... Thanks to all you little rascals!

No need to worry about Quality
We searched and found the best materials and whizz-kid power to bring our creative and interactive ideas to life last year. We were able to partner with 2 hot-shots in the industry. Industry leader Smurfit Kappa developed the perfect type of custom cardboard and produced all the tools necessary for production. And Unit040 developed the awesome interactive experience for your tablet.

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Or simply drop a short mail to parents (or grandparents) you know that have kids age 3 to 7. Thanks! We adore you! 

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