Smoovie - Super steady video for your smartphone and GoPro.

Smoovie is a video stabiliser that fits in your pocket, is easy to use for all abilities and the most affordable option for recording smooth video on the go!

Our revolutionary design means Smoovie is significantly lighter and more compact than other video stabilisers. We’re excited because professional looking video is now simple, compact and affordable enough for everyone!

Take it anywhere and everywhere, and when inspiration strikes you'll have it to record great video to keep and share forever. Use Smoovie at home, on the go or on your next adventure!

Here's how using Smoovie compares to handheld.

Traditional video stabilisers are much bigger and heavier, with tricky and time consuming set up. Instead of relying on weight and friction Smoovie cleverly uses magnetic force, allowing anyone to record smooth video without all that bulk.

Be more creative with you video! Here's what we shot in a day in London. (No post stabilisation)  

We've made Smoovie really simple easy to set up. Just pull out the telescopic counterweight balance to the marker for your smartphone or GoPro, and Smoovie calibrates itself! Aaand action!

Be more creative with your shots! The handle is adjustable so you can get the shots you want. Get up high or go down low!

Plus with a more natural handgrip there's no more holding your smartphone at odd angles so no more wrist ache!

The patent-pending gimbal design uses two lightweight but super strong neodymium magnets. This magnetic attraction is what keeps shots steady by reducing the shaking created when you walk or move. Go where you like and record fantastic looking smooth videos!

Compact size 19cm x 4cm x 3.5cm (and extends up to 11cm).

Weight 125 grams (4.4 oz), that's less than a Big Mac!

Holds All popular Apple, Android and Windows smartphones up to 86mm in width and 225 grams in weight. Plus all GoPro models with Smoovie Plus.

It's not quite as good as the large, heavy and expensive equipment that professionals use. But we're excited about Smoovie because it's affordable, easy for everyone and can be taken everywhere. When inspiration strikes, you'll have it! 

For GoPro users you can capture all of the action with Smoovie Plus. With the Smoovie Plus option you'll get Smoovie for smartphones with an additional interchangeable adapter to use with your GoPro tripod mount.

Back us today and help us go into production. Not only will you get yours by June but to say thanks you'll get Smoovie and Smoovie Plus at the lowest special Kickstarter prices. 

Estimated RRP is £19.99 for Smoovie and £21.99 for Smoovie Plus. 

After five months of development and four rounds of rapid prototyping using 3d printing, machining and duplication techniques, our design has been tested in different scenarios and we’re really pleased with the outcome. Currently the design is going through a final iteration to refine the aesthetics so that Smoovie looks and feels great too. 

In January this year Alex travelled to China to discuss the manufacture of the Smoovie project with factories the team had long term relationships with already. After comparing the quality of prototypes produced and manufacturing processes, a selection was made.

We are confident that the manufacturer we have chosen is best suited to help us get Smoovie ready for mass production so that we can deliver a product that satisfies our requirements and more importantly that you'll be happy with.

We are an experienced team based in London and HK who have designed, developed and delivered products  on a global scale. We know how to bring innovative ideas to life and take them to market. 

Our product designer Alex Kalogroulis has worked on many innovational designs. In his early years he worked alongside British Inventor Sir Clive Sinclair on the award-winning A-Bike which is displayed in London’s Design Museum. Alex has also led design on other products like Sea Scooters and Smart Touch kitchen gadgets. He also teaches future designers on the Innovation Design Engineering master’s course at London’s Royal College of Art. 

We're so excited to see what you'll do with Smoovie. Let's keep in touch, join us on Twitter and Facebook. 

Your contribution matters so so much. We can only make this happen with your help. If we don't reach our goal we won't be able to go into production. Please help us share Smoovie with your friends so that we can make Smoovie together!


If you like us and want to share about Smoovie here's our press kit. We like you too!

Need anything else or just want to chat? Please email [email protected]

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