Clash of the Battle Goats

Clash is a tactical card game of brutal battle goat combat. It can be learned in just a few minutes, but has a tremendous amount of depth. The box contains enough content for 2 players to play immediately, or you can unlock nearly limitless deck-building options by combining Clash with our previous game "Gruff". A game we successfully Kickstarted last year!

A Brutal Battle System- Clash's combat mechanics create a constant state of counter-play. When an enemy attacks, you have your entire turn to dodge out of the way, mount your defenses, and launch a counterattack before the attack connects!

Customize Your Herd- Create a team of three monster-goats that begin the game in play, and stay in play, throughout the game. They are your source of damage, defense, and resources! Carefully choose from their cards to create your ultimate deck!

The Next Evolution of Combat- Each turn your goats can mutate. They get Meaner, Weirder, and Fatter; rapidly raising the stakes of the game. Each decision can be the the difference between life and death as the pace of the game builds up to a crisis!

Clash is a stand-alone "Gruff" game. Gruff has been honored with several awards. 

"I like the art, I like the theme. It is highly competitive, highly intuitive, highly strategic, and a heck of a lot of fun!"

 "Games become this horrific snowball of teeth and ooze the longer fights go on. It's GLORIOUS."   

 "Simple. Easy. Quick. Studio Woe has done a great job of making a tight, streamlined competitive card game with Clash of the Battle Goats; it’s a breeze to teach and to modify, and with the few mechanical tweaks from Gruff it really provides a fast-paced experience with some good strategic depth."

"Clash works as a great introduction point into previously released Gruff. Cards can be used from both games to add even more combos."

"In every sense, Gruff has been a labor of love for the folks working on it, and you can see it in every monstrous detail of the fun but terrifying art style. Gruff‘s simple concepts allow for both new gamers to have a competitive card game experience, while still giving seasoned players the depth of a full collectible card game." 

"What I like most about Gruff is how it speed-injects the feeling of other constructed deck games in its own tight format. I was a big Magic player for a long time, and what I loved most about it was playing big creatures and cool spells. Gruff distills the constructed experience, with the creatures providing the mana and lots of synergies between cards, so that you get a lot of that satisfying feel at a fraction of the time investment."

"A card game stemming from the likes of Magic, but similarities end with the cards. Gruff is a mix up of Cube Draft style, deck building, and Commander mode, and adding in a few mechanics of poker to outplay your enemy, while having a bit of a miniatures feel to it as well."

  You can get an extra physical copy of Clash, a copy of Gruff, the Gruff sketchbook, or the Clash play-mat by adding the amount listed per item to your pledge.

Follow these steps to add to your pledge  

Check out our How To Play Video.

Check out our rulebook HERE.

 And a more comprehensive Rules Video courtesy of Zero Budget Geek!

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