Hylux Water-Student Athlete Creates Next Gen Sports Drink

Formula: We've worked with a food scientist to make sure that the beverage formula meets FDA and regulatory standards.

Supplies for production: We haved opened buyer accounts with all necessary suppliers and have them on standby for our upcoming order.

Manufacturing timeline: We have formed agreements with contract manufacturers so that we will be in line for a production run in May (the end of the project). The manufacturing run should take 1-2 days once we get on the bottling line.

Fulfillment: We will be working with a fulfillment specialist in order to get the packages to where they need to be in a timely fashion. This will allow us to send the pallets of product right to their warehouse and utilize their sorting services to help us send everything out as quickly as possible.

We understand that I can't guarantee perfection, however, I want to stress that I have done extensive work to make sure that every stage of production and fulfillment has been planned and prepared for. Any setback should be able to be fixed relatively quickly, since we have the necessary contacts for communication with our supply chain.

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