Ghost Theory - A serious take on paranormal research

Join a secret university research team and unravel the mysteries of the afterlife.

Ghost Theory is a single-player ghost-hunting adventure for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, focusing its gameplay on stealth and exploration.

Intrigued by your supernatural talent of clairvoyance, a struggling university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you a front-field operative in paranormal investigations. Using a wide range of ghost hunting gadgets and abilities you will conduct missions to investigate real haunted sites, collect samples and gather evidence.

Each mission is an open-ended haunted ground - a playable sandbox with its own story waiting to be unearthed. The university is your home base, where your work will be evaluated, your results assessed and where you will be briefed for your next mission.

Even though this is a horror game, don't expect ghosts to be jumping out at you from the darkness for no reason. In fact, most of them won't respond to your mere presence at all. Unless you make them. It is your task to find out how, if you hope to meet your objectives.

“Be patient. Explore. Observe.” These are the words of Professor Frost, your mentor and head of the department. “A successful investigation always begins with a controlled exploration of the field.” You will use your gadgets. You will use your talents. By carefully exploring, you will turn up clues and these clues will point you towards triggers that can draw the ghosts out into the material world. But you need to be careful. Triggers can be emotional - triggers can cause pain or anger; anger directed at you…

During your missions, you'll be using your ambidexterity to the full: your left hand will operate most of your gadgets and your right will interact with objects around you - turning a doorknob, pushing the door gently ajar, unearthing remains...

Voice Log Recorder -  serves to record and replay comments about objects and situations within a mission.

UV Lamp - reveals what even your eyes cannot see: most importantly, valuable samples of ectoplasm.

Full Spectrum Camera - an essential tool for obtaining hard evidence of paranormal activity. Know where to aim it; know when to shoot; and know when not to get too close.

EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) Meter - by zeroing in on energy spikes,you can detect and track paranormal activity and lead yourself towards items and locations that are important to the ghost you are hunting.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Recorder - captures the voices of ghosts. Recordings are valuable evidence for your investigation and will often reveal even more valuable clues.

Pendulum - used for divination. First it needs to be charged by an object (e.g. a single earring you found); it can then be used to find an associated object (the missing earring).

As the story unfurls and your research progresses, special engineers will furnish you with new types of gadgets and upgraded versions of equipment you already have. Examples include hands-free versions so you can equip multiple instruments at any one time.

Sudden drops in temperature indicate the close proximity of a supernatural presence. A good paranormal investigator will always keep an eye out for the telltale sign: condensation of your breath.

When the terror gets too intense, you can press a button to close your eyes for as long as you need.   

Sometimes, when you close your eyes as you touch an object, the visions come. Experts call your special para-ability "Clairvoyance" - you call it a burden. It allows you to experience flashbacks associated with an object's history, which may feed you important information about a ghost’s past or reveal further clues connected to your investigation.

Every time you complete a mission you return to your university base to hand in your results to your team. Samples and evidence are then examined, evaluated and processed by a team of scientists and engineers. This in turn leads to new discoveries and the production of new gadgets.

This part of the game is designed as a set of cutscenes and dialogs to communicate the story’s progression. You will also be able to choose your loadout before you set off for your next mission.

Would you like to be able to freely roam around the university instead of experiencing the story through cutscenes? Would you like to manage your department’s scientists and engineers, make key decisions that impact your missions and guide the development of your ghost-hunting instruments? If this appeals to you, check out the stretch goal "RPG: Core base management" at £148.000.

Your investigative missions will take you to a variety of real, haunted locations all around the world — from the infamous Goldfield Hotel in United States, to the abandoned Poveglia island in Italy, and to Suicide Forest Aokigahara in Japan.

To help us re-construct these locations - and the ghosts that haunt them - in the most authentic fashion possible, we have partnered with several ghost tour agencies and ghost-hunting groups. They are furnishing us with high-quality (and often extremely chilling) references, such as photos, scans, recordings and reports.

Many of our haunted grounds are open to the public. After you’ve investigated a haunting in Ghost Theory, it will take more than curiosity to visit the locations for real. It will take courage too.

The audiovisual aspect of the game is also set to receive the utmost attention. Great horror rests on a bed of foreboding; tension reaches out of the darkness through unseen suggestion, stretching and building up to breaking point. What you can’t see is terrifying; what you do see when it shows itself is shocking or disturbing. Subjective realism is key to the supernatural horror experience, and we are doing everything possible to ensure our environments and sound design are as convincing, and as unsettling, as possible.

We don’t want our ghosts to be mere 3D models. Instead, we have been experimenting with real-life actors captured with a stereoscopic 3D camera and using green screen technology. The entities are then seamlessly integrated into the game environment, making our ghosts every bit as expressive and spine-chilling as the actual sightings they are based on.

In the true spirit of horror, Ghost Theory also features an original music soundtrack. The atmospheric score builds tension as you carry out your investigations and releases you from it while you travel between locations.

With so much effort going into the game’s atmosphere, we want nothing more than to make your own immersion limitless and uninterrupted. To achieve this, we are tailoring the entire game's design and user interface with VR in mind. We've been experimenting with Oculus Rift devkits for about 2 years now, and our game has been built from the ground-up to take full advantage of this technology.

Support for other VR headsets will depend on their respective specs and release dates, but we will do our utmost to serve as many as possible.

The ‘real’ world is full of unexplained mysteries. Some people brush them off as mere coincidences or elaborate hoaxes; others allow themselves to believe invisible forces are constantly at play around us. Our stance is the latter, and we aim to explore these themes through the tale of Barbara, our heroine.

As a child, she experienced a traumatic paranormal encounter from which she emerged with a blessing — and a curse: the gift of Clairvoyance, granting her a window into the world of the departed.

That tragic night she also lost her only living relative, grandmother Wilma, who mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again. Barbara then spent years in an orphanage until she was discovered by a professor of parapsychology, William Frost, whose university program was running out of funds after years of inconclusive results.

Witnessing her unique ability to interact with the world of the dead, he decides to bring her on board as a last ditch attempt to salvage his research and save his department. This is where the story begins...

We can guarantee that if our initial goal is reached, we will produce and deliver Ghost Theory for Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a fully optimized, complete and polished game.

On Steam, we have already been Greenlighted by the community.

That being said, we would love to be able to expand on our original concept even further, but for this we’ll need to increase our budget, and this is where stretch goals come in.

Any additional funding we receive from our backers will help us improve the game, and below are the first goals we’d love you to help us reach! We'll reveal more details about each as we get closer to attaining them.

That's not how much the game will cost; not even if we eliminate all of the planned game features. Reaching this target is the very minimum we need to keep production running and save this project from being cancelled.

If we reach this target, we’ll be prepared to additionally invest most of our revenue from the console version of our previous game, Dex, into the development of Ghost Theory. However, this income won't arrive until Q3 of this year. Achieving this Kickstarter target will cover the cost of development up to that point.

A brand new episode, which reveals the dark secrets of Barbara's teenage years during her time in the orphanage.

When you’re not on a mission, you’re at your base, making choices as to the course of your research and the development of new ghost-hunting instruments. This stretch goal will make the university base a playable sandbox, instead of a chain of dialog cutscenes.

The core base consists of an Operation room, where you manage reports and missions, a Laboratory, where your scientists study the samples and evidence you collected, and a Workshop, where engineers produce new gadgets. You need to manage your budget carefully though, because if you fail to deliver results, your sponsors will cut your funding.

Lastly, Barbara's personal room is where you store clues and evidence which will help you to solve your own case - the strange disappearance of your grandmother. Items kept in this room also represent achievements you earned on your missions.

This stretch goal expands the base to include the management of a club of ghost hunters who will help you to investigate more locations through non-playable missions. If they succeed in their mission, they will bring back resources. To increase their chances of success, you will need to identify their individual qualities and send them on the right missions with the right equipment.

As you progress through the game, you can expand your base into new premises. Available means of transport in your Garage/Hangar, for example, lowers travel costs and time investment on all missions. Thanks to an Ectoplasm Container you'll be able to store more ectoplasm and keep it from degrading. TestRooms are built to observe and study interactions between paranormal entities and humans. We will reveal more about premises in one of the campaign updates when this stretch goal draws near.

The images of the following rewards are only illustrational. They do not represent the exact looks of the final rewards.

Wallpapers: A set of 6 hi-res Ghost Theory wallpapers for your desktop.

Forum Access: Talk about the game with authors and others who backed this project.

You will be able to choose either a Steam key + access to a DRM-free version or a console version.

The Beta version will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers and available a couple months before the release of the game.

Your name in the game: Your name will be honored in the game credits for helping this game happen

Digital soundtrack:  A complete game soundtrack in MP3 format for your music player.

Artbook: You will receive the Ghost Theory Artbook in PDF format. 

Ghostbook: You will receive the game's original Ghostbook in pdf format. The Ghostbook is a showcase of real haunted places that feature in the game, including original pictures, stories and interviews.

Prototype Access will feature test levels not planned for inclusion in the final game. They will be more like sandboxes, in which we can try out new features and ideas, allowing us to hear your feedback and iterate faster. Because these levels will not appear in the finished game, one thing you won’t need to be afraid of is spoilers!

The physical copy of the game is only for PC, and contains a Steam key.

Artbook: You will receive a physical Artbook of Ghost Theory. 

Ghostbook: You will receive a physical copy of the game's original Ghostbook. It features real haunted places from the Ghost Theory game, original pictures, stories, and interviews.

This T-shirt says "VIP CLUB MEMBER" and is exclusive to our Kickstarter VIP backers.

Exclusive Pendulum: There will only be a limited number of pendulums available, and exclusively for Kickstarter backers who select the Poltergeist tier or higher. They will be made of amethyst and engraved to reflect the theme of the game.

UV Flashlight: Another collector's item in this pack is a UV flashlight engraved with the game’s logo. You may use it to examine your other rewards.

A Collector's Limited Edition of Ghost Theory. Designed as a ghost hunter's suitcase, it contains a physical copy of the game and the soundtrack, a physical Art Book, a signed photo of the team, postcards, an amethyst pendulum, UV flashlight and our Ghostbook, a showcase of all haunted sites featured in the game.  

Send us a picture of your choice, featuring you or someone close to you, and we’ll include it in the game, as a painting, a photograph, a book illustration, etc. You will of course have the opportunity to choose according to your preferences. Pictures are subject to approval by the developers.

One more Digital Edition: This reward grants you an extra copy of the game in the form of a unique Steam key or a console version.

VIP Launch Event: Come to Prague to celebrate the final release of the game, with us and other VIP backers. 

You will receive a digital copy of our last game, the cyberpunk RPG, Dex, and its complete soundtrack in MP3 format..

Your voice will be featured in the game as a radio transmission, EVP, voicemail, etc.

Come to beautiful Prague and join us in our office, meet everyone, play the game, watch us work, distract us, take part in our meetings, share your ideas, have lunch and dinner with us. And in the evening, we'll go out and party, or stay in and play games: it’s all up to you!

You will star as one of the ghosts to be encountered in the game. Come to our studio, be coached by our director, go through a make-up session, and perform all the scenes required of your character!

Your name or logo will be used as a fictional brand or character in the game's universe. Also it'll take place in the game credits.

Your name or logo will take first place in the game's opening credits.

As our backer, you will become part of the community that helped to make this game happen. You will receive our thanks and a set of Ghost Theory wallpapers for your desktop.

This is the minimal tier required to secure a digital copy of the game. You will also get an access to the game's official forum, where you can discuss the game with the developers along with other Kickstarter backers of this tier or higher.

Backers in this tier will get an access to a beta version of the game and their names will be honored in the final game credits.

Phantom tier expands the package of rewards to include a complete digital soundtrack and a digital Artbook.

Harbingers will also receive a digital Ghost Book (a showcase of the haunted places featured in the game) and will get access to playable prototype levels of the game.

Poltergeists can touch physical objects. That’s why backers of this tier will receive the Limited Collector's Edition of Ghost Theory to play with. Inside a box designed as a ghost hunter's suitcase, they will find physical versions of the game, the CD soundtrack, the artbook, the Ghost Book (a showcase of the haunted places featured in the game), postcards, a signed photo of the team and a collector's item - a Pendulum made of amethyst. On top of that, backers of the Poltergeist tier or higher will automatically receive an exclusive Ghost Theory T-shirt.

Doppelgangers are all about getting their face out there. Backers of this tier or higher will be invited to have their picture appear in the game, as a painting, a photograph, a book illustration, etc. Pictures are subject to approval by the developers. Plus they will get an extra digital edition of Ghost Theory and a ticket to its launch party. The cherry on top is a digital edition of a cyberpunk RPG game, Dex, also included.

Demons are usually pretty noisy. Backers of this tier will get a chance to have a recording of their voice feature in the game as a radio transmission, EVP, voicemail, etc. Recordings are subject to approval by the developers.

Become the Devil and you will be invited to beautiful Prague to spend a day with us ghastly folk at Dreadlocks. Join us in our studio, meet everyone, play the game, watch us work, distract us, take part in our meetings, share your ideas, let us take you to lunch and dinner. And in the evening, we'll go out and party, or stay in and play games: it’s all up to you!

There are only 2 slots for Ghosts. Just 2 backers will be invited to our studio, pass through a make-up session and star as one of the stereoscopic ghosts in the game.

Your name will take a special place in the game final credits. We will acknowledge you as a game sponsor that helped to make the game happen.

Your name will take a special place in the game opening credits. You will be acknowledged as the game's main sponsor that helped to make this game happen.

Add-ons are extra rewards that can be added to your pledge.
All add-ons are available at all pledge levels, even £1!

If you're interested in one of the add-ons listed below, simply increase your pledge according to the cost of the desired add-on(s) without changing your selecter reward. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, you will be sent a survey, which you can use to specify which add-on(s) you wanted.

T-Shirt: All of our Kickstarter backers become "VIP members" of a future social group called Ghost Club. This T-shirt, limited to our backers, confirms this status. If the T-shirt is not included in your tier or you just want one extra, you can get it as an add-on.

Extra digital copy of Ghost Theory: Do you want to get an extra digital copy of Ghost Theory for your friend? No problem. Purchase this add-on to add it to your pack of rewards.

Dex + Dex OST: Use this opportunity and purchase a digital copy of our last game, cyberpunk RPG Dex, for the best price possible! As a bonus, you'll also get the game's digital soundtrack.

With Ghost Theory, we are tackling an ambitious project and therefore need to increase our team’s size. This is mostly so we can handle the art and programming workload that such a game requires. Another reason is we want your feedback – what are your thoughts about the game and its presentation? The mechanics? The project more widely? We want our community of backers to get involved during the development so you can help us make the game the best it can be.

This Kickstarter campaign will decide the fate of this project. If it fails, we will not be able to continue work on this game.

But if our backers combine to gather £50,000, we are prepared to invest all of our profit from the console versions of our previous game, Dex, in the development of Ghost Theory. That profit will only begin arriving in Q3 of this year.

£50,000 is only about 17% of the expected cost of the game without the stretch goal features and 6% of the cost of the game we would dearly love to make.

Let's take a look at the costs a successful Kickstarter campaign will cover, and the costs it won’t. Development of the game and backers’ rewards do not represent the entirety of our overheads. In order to accurately capture a real haunted place, we need to physically send someone there with the capturing equipment. That costs.

The last missing component of the budget will be the fees associated with the operation of our studio. We will be taking ownership of all these extra costs ourselves.

Our studio recently released the award-winning 2D cyberpunk RPG, Dex, on Windows, Mac and Linux. Following its success, we are almost done porting it to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PlayStation Vita.  

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