Strangewise No. 9 - Pulp Stories and Art

Thanks for checking out the Strangewise No.9 Kickstarter! I've been working on Strangewise for a couple of years and it is now very near completion. I'm excited to get it out there! I wanted to offer some cool stuff to go along with the book and that's mainly what I hope this campaign will help bring about.

Strangewise No. 9 is a 70 page black & white soft-cover pulp-styled book written and illustrated by myself. It contains 3 stories, fake letter column, fake ads and more. I wanted to create a fully realized vintage pulp book or magazine and try my best to capture the feeling I get when reading the pulps.

Strangewise No. 9 features BENNY GOT BIT, a short story about a hotel manager who is called in to see about a disturbance with his night crew. It seems the mild mannered Benny was bitten by something and is now causing a bit of trouble.

There's also JUNGLE KING IS OUR SPECIALTY. In this tale, Simon Careg, a disgruntled employee purchases a Jungle King from an ad in a magazine. The Jungle King promises soothing tropical sounds to help one relax. Simon soon finds out it delivers something else entirely!

There is also a 6 page sequential art story titled PROFESSOR'S GOT A CRUSH. A socially awkward college professor hopes to impress a student with his robotic creation. 

In addition there are also ads, an art gallery and an excerpt from a book on Metropolitan Birds.

Here are a few pages from the book

To compliment the book, the Kickstarter rewards include, a Strangewise T-Shirt, vintage-styled tin signs (rusted edges and all!) a mini-print set, a trading card set and the original cover art I created for Strangewise.

A few items can be added as Add-Ons to any pledge. See below for details.

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After backing one of the rewards above, you can add one or more of the following items to your pledge. Just add the amount listed below to your total.

For example, for a U.S. customer, if you back the book + trading card set for $20 (+4 Shipping) and want to add a T-Shirt then make your pledge total $44.

When the campaign ends, a survey will be sent out and at that time you must state which add-ons you've chosen and specify sizes for t-shirts as well as which tin sign design.

Robert’s imagination and desire to draw were first fueled by his frequent visits to the corner newsstand in his Brooklyn neighborhood to purchase comic books, especially those that featured the art of Neal Adams, George Perez, and Jim Aparo. Later, the films seen on local TV, everything from the comedies of Abbott & Costello and The Marx Brothers, B Monster movies, and especially the Planet of the Apes series, left a definite imprint in his work. More recently, an interest in Tiki and Pulp Art have been added to the mix. Incorporating an ever-growing cast of Apes, Tikis, and appearances from the likes of Doc Savage, Tarzan, The Shadow, and more. He is creating a unique narrative through his paintings and sculptures. Robert’s work has appeared on album covers, in publications such as Tiki Magazine and Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine, and has shown in galleries including Disneyland’s Wonderground, Harold Golen, M Modern, Creature Features, and Bear & Bird. You can also see Robert’s work in card sets for Topps, Cryptozoic, and Upper Deck on licenses such as Mars Attacks, Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Adventure Time and more.

You can follow Robert's art on: 

Also check out my YouTube Channel! Here's a recent video.

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