MC: The compass that doesn't point north

I've designed a compass that is very unique, one that doesn't point north. Instead, it points toward any location you choose. Regardless of where the compass is or how you position it, the arrow will adapt and point toward that location. This compass is also mechanical in nature, something rarely seen in modern products outside of mechanical watches. 

MC - This single compass will point toward any location of your choice, whether that’s to a home, a person, or a goal you want to reach. The arrow will always direct you there. Powered either mechanically by a mainspring or electrically by a motor, this mechanical compass is truly unique.

The Compass Pair - A set of two compasses that are internally linked. Instead of each pointing to a specified location, these two point toward each other. Right now the compass pair have a limited range of only a few miles, but I’ve already identified a way of extending that range to span the U.S. Funding from this campaign will help to further that development.

Secret compartment – Within each compass there’s a hidden compartment, a secret area with a very unique way of opening. Within this compartment you can keep anything you like: a key, a map, or coordinates to an undisclosed location. To keep that secret alive I won't go into detail on where it's located or how to access it. Instructions for this feature will be included with the purchase.

Opening the compass lid automatically turns on the device. It takes approx. 30 seconds for the compass to lock onto its specified location. Once the device has locked on, the position of the arrow will continuously update in real time, always pointing toward that place. If the compass is within a 3 meter radius of the specified location the arrow will continuously spin, indicating you’ve arrived at that destination. Closing the lid will then shut off the compass.  

Video of me messing with the signal and how the compass reacts:

A product like this should be made personal and unique for each person who buys one. In addition to the different material options, I'm proud to offer more than 9 standard face plate designs, over 16 different arrows, and a wide range of dial designs. The inner lid can be custom engraved, have an integrated picture frame, a mirrored finished, or a combination of the above. 

Eventually I will be able to offer custom metal prints for the face plate and inside of the lid. You’ll be able to upload any image to the website and we will print that image directly on the metal surface.

TimeKeeper – By far my favorite iteration of the compass design, a mechanical pocket watch will be integrated into either the lid or the face the compass. The face and arms of the watch will compliment the look and feel of your compass perfectly.

Bamboo Compass – A special material option, all parts of the compass except for the gears will be made from high quality bamboo. This wooden compass will still have all customization options available.

Titanium Compass – A special material option, all parts of the compass except for the gears will be made from aerospace grade Titanium. This Titanium compass will still have all customization options available

For over the past year I’ve been working hard to bring this idea of a mechanical compass to life. I’m not yet a company, I don’t have a team of experts, it’s just been me and I’ve taken this product as far as I can on my own. The funds I receive from this campaign will be used for the following:

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