A beach cruiser finally designed to survive beach bike life.

Hi, we are the team behind Priority Bicycles. We're a proudly independent company back on Kickstarter after the success of our two past campaigns, to launch our next bike: a beach cruiser. With the help and feedback from our amazing past backers and customers, we think this could be best beach cruiser yet!

A beach cruiser is an iconic kind of bicycle. No matter where you ride one––by the ocean, dockside, or around town––its design has remained unchanged for years. Unfortunately, so has the engineering and design.

In looking at bicycles in coastal environments and hearing feedback from our friends and backers, we see far too many cheap cruisers that are heavy, prone to rust, and cumbersome to ride. They’re called “beach” cruisers, but salty coastal climates and sand break these bicycles down. There’s nothing beachy about the most important parts of their design.

At Priority Bicycles, we want to change that. That’s why we're engineering a beach cruiser that implements the classic design of our flagship bike design, stands up to the elements, and rides smoother than anything out there—all at an affordable price. 

Beach cruisers have become synonymous with rust and extreme wear and tear. Chains commonly fall off and riders are left dirty and greasy trying to repair them. On top of that, the sheer weight of traditional cruisers make them tiresome to ride, difficult to transport, and clunky to park.

For the Priority Coast, we’ve designed a beach cruiser that is actually built for the beach that features innovative engineering, beautiful design, high quality parts, and simplicity.

Rustproof: Aluminum frame and fork with stainless steel components. Short of submerging this at the Venice Breakwater, your ride will stay rust free.

Sealed Cartridge Bearings: We utilized sealed cartridge bearings from the bottom bracket and headset to the pedals and front hub to help keep sand and salt off of these critical surfaces.

Smooth Ride: The combination of sealed cartridge bearings and belt drive make this the smoothest beach cruiser you’ll ever ride.

Lightweight: The aluminum frame is made with select stainless steel components. Meanwhile, traditional cruisers are made from heavy steel that weighs down your ride and makes transporting and parking the bike cumbersome.

Chain-Free: At the heart of its ability to take on the beach, the Priority Coast uses the industry-leading grease-free Gates Carbon Drive belt. No more rusty or broken chains, dirty calves and hands, or squeaky rides.

True to our Priority Bicycles values, the bikes are comfortable and come together in minutes.

● Comfy Saddle–Like classic cruiser designs, we’ve highlighted comfort as a key feature for a smooth ride. The Priority Coast's seat is well cushioned, offering an enjoyable ride.

● Easy Assembly–We have worked tirelessly to make sure the Priority Cruiser is not only easy to ride, but also easy to assemble. You will be able to put the bicycle together with a simple 15­-minute assembly process that requires no previous technical bicycle knowledge.  

After endless hours of researching and developing our Priority Coast prototypes, the next step for us was making sure it could withstand the toughest testing conditions.

We sent a set of Priority Coast bikes to world-renowned riders, adventurers, and everyday beach goers to test and give us feedback, including musician Donavon Frankenreiter, Oahu-based spearfisher Kimi Werner, the past creative director of Twitter, Doug Bowman, and the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, Sam Calagione.

From California to Hawaii to Central America and up and down the Eastern Seaboard, the Priority Coast was tested in the most diverse variety of environments possible. Riders took the bike on boardwalks, docks, sandy paths, and access roads. Across the board, it was clear: the Priority Coast was the best beach cruiser our testers had ever ridden.

Our bike color palette is inspired by the coastal environment with colors pulled from the natural surroundings.  Blacks and grays from sea rocks and beach paths, blue hues from the ocean, white clouds in the sky, rich sandy brown, and the rose sky at sunset.

After the campaign ends, backers will be sent a survey asking which bike frame and color they want. 

Once our campaign hits $125K, we will unlock a new color way for both frames: Indigo Blue.

As a backer of our campaign, you are guaranteed special early bird pricing on the Priority Coast. We’re also collaborating with Aloha Beach Club and Briny for some exclusive gear.

This is our 3rd Kickstarter campaign, and as with our previous campaigns, you can expect the same attention, responsiveness, and on-time delivery.  Our product has been thoroughly developed, tested, and sourced.  With your support we can go into full production to ship to you starting in June.

Throughout the process we will also be sending updates and photos!

As a “lifestyle” bicycle, the Coast seamlessly partners with similar brands. We have collaborations set with Aloha Beach Club, Briny Beach bags, and the non-profit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii inspires local communities to care for their environment. To support this non-profit, Artist Chris Willcox will create a custom-painted Coast.

The Priority Coast is a bicycle built for engaging with the landscape: the sea, the surf, and the wide-open sky. With that in mind, I am painting a special edition bike in a way that will invite the landscape back into it, through a palette of aquatic and atmospheric blues and fluid brushstrokes that echo the rhythm of the tides that are so important to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and the community. This bike will be painted with high-quality autobody paint, giving it the same durability as the rest of the bikes in the Priority fleet, so the artwork can be safely enjoyed in the environment that inspired it.

Chris Wilcox is a Brooklyn-based artist who has exhibited nationally and abroad at venues like the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in England. You can see his work at: 

Aloha Beach Club, a premiere retail designer and shop based in San Diego and Hawaii, is making exclusive shirts for the Priority Coast campaign, only available through our Kickstarter starting at the $40 reward level or paired with our $389 Early Bird Tier.

Support our campaign by wearing an ode to the water's calling - "Find The Coast."

At the beach, you throw the basics in a bag, and go.  Our custom "Find The Coast" canvas beach bag is designed by Jackie Costello at Briny, and is perfect for everything you need for a day on the bike.

My print design, “The Coast Characters,” shows a variety of coastal lifestyles in action. Rainy Day Girl in her yellow slicker, the casual Saturday Morning Dude cruising with his coffee and his dog, the Farmer’s Market Girl with some delicious chocolate mint chip ice cream, the Surf Chick, the Fisherman and of course, the Pirate. I’m inspired by the way the iconic beach cruiser seems to suit them all and bring an ease of being and joy to the rider, whether they’re in the jungles of Costa Rica, on the Atlantic seaboard or in the Pacific Northwest rain! All of my print designs start with pencil and paper. Then, colored pencils and sharpies come into the mix, and occasionally acrylic paints. I keep all of my illustrations and art work on the page, rather than on the computer screen, until I am ready to convert it into a repeating pattern and send it to be printed onto fabric. Hope you enjoy!

With the Coast, we are able to do a limited run of custom fleets.  Our backers here are doing amazing things, and we want to share it!  Check them out!

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Priority Bicycles is proud to be an independent company. When we launched in 2014, we were faced with a decision to raise money for our product development through either institutional investors or crowdfunding. Being that our number one goal is to serve our customers—not investors—the choice was simple.

Our first Kickstarter campaign was launched in 2014 and we raised $565,000! Our bikes were delivered on-time and we now have thousands of happy backers all over the world. Since then we’ve also launched the Priority Start a children’s bicycle aimed at making learning to ride easier. Again with the Start we delivered all rewards on time and have since expanded our line to the Priority EIGHT and now the Priority Coast.

As a crowdfunded company, we’re driven by the needs and suggestions of our backers, which enables us to make bicycles that fill market gaps and deliver on what riders actually want. Our backers provide priceless feedback, empowering us to move into production with confidence. This relationship fosters our growth, enables high quality at low pricing, and fuels first-rate customer service.

For the Priority Coast specifically, this campaign will give us the funding necessary to procure the raw materials and tooling necessary to begin our first production run—which translates to the lowest possible price for you. We promise great communication and to do everything within our power to once again deliver on time. We believe the Priority Coast will be our best campaign yet!

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