ZeGoBeast Electric - A Wooden Walking Robot

Learning about programming, electronics, and mechanics is hard - the problems are abstract, the textbooks are dense, and the resources are scattered. We want kids to get started with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) early on, but context is so important for locking in that knowledge.  

That’s why robots are awesome. It combines all of those things into something you can build, tinker, and explore with your own two hands. We created the ZeGoBeast Electric because robots are fun, engaging, and the best way to make STEM make sense .  

ZeGoBeasts come in a flat-pack bundle of wood, hardware, and electronics that you build and program yourself. When you work with your ZeGoBeast, you’re not programming a box with a screen, you’re building and controlling the actions and behavior of a physical thing that resembles a living organism with beautiful kinematics inspired by Theo Jansen’s leg linkage design. We will guide you from the very basics all the way to having a fully-fledged robotic pet companion. We provide lesson plans, videos, and even physical copies if you’d like that will teach you or your kid how to do all these awesome things.  

With their Arduino core, array of sensors, its sound pack, and the full range of add-ons you can tap into, what you can do with your ZeGoBeast is limited only by what you can imagine: Greet and welcome you when you come home Fetch your slippers in the morning Bark at intruders into your room Scurry away from bright lights in the corner Go on a covert mission to the neighbor’s backyard using FPV camera Or you can play with your friends and classmates using a pack of ZeGoBeasts Play capture-the-flag Survival of the fittest Race through the maze.

We already launched one successful kickstarter - ZeGoBeast Classic - fully mechanical version powered by springs. And we delivered - In fact, we delivered ahead of schedule.  

What we found out is that people love the intricacy of the design and the aspect that ZeGoBeasts are wooden and nature-friendly. We collected important feedback and improved the leg kinematics, which helped us come up with ideas for attachments (silly string, lasers, grabbers that let your ZeGoBeast manipulate the objects around you)   

ZeGoBeasts are designed to get people interested in robotics in a way that a simple robot with two spinning wheels just doesn’t quite get at, and for that, we think it’s awesome. ZeGoBeasts are what we would have loved when we were young. By the time you finish building your ZeGoBeast, we know you’ll have fallen in love with this creature you created yourself, just as we did. We want every kid to have a chance to choose a promising career and have a place in this future. We believe that robots are the future.      

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