UK/EU Giveaway: Dark Souls III Xbox One Promotional Goodies

You won't win this anywhere else

A week or two ago, certain folks started posting shots to Twitter and Instagram of the spanky Dark Souls III press kits that were being sent out to promote the game. Rightly or wrongly, fans weren't all that pleased about the braggadociosness (yeah, we're going with that word even though it might not be real) that was on display.

Well, one such press kit has turned up on the doorstep of pX Towers here in the UK. We thought about what we could do to right the apparent wrongs of other receivers of said bundle of joy. Then it struck us. How about we offer it up to you lovely folks who read pX every day?

You do visit every day, don't you?

Either way, you can win our Dark Souls III press kit!

We say the crate's awesome. How awesome, you ask? Well, look:-

Did we mention that apparently only 100 of these were made and that you can't buy them in the shops and that they'll never be made again?

For a number of reasons, this is a competition open to readers in the UK or Europe only. If you enter and are drawn as the winner and are not from the UK or Europe, your entry will be declared null and void and we'll redraw until we get a valid winner.

Good luck! The contest runs until midnight Monday, April 18th, so hop the heck to it and get your entries in!

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