Giacinto: the first quality DIY loudspeaker

Giacinto is the first quality DIY stereo loudspeaker, beautifully designed and easy to assemble. It invites users of any age to listen to music in a more conscious way by offering a sensorial and interacting experience that goes beyond a simple product. 

The typical loudspeakers you find on the market are mainly functional or beautiful, but you never know what happens behind the scenes. We believe that products should deliver an experience and have a human touch in order to grow fond of them. So, we designed the first quality DIY loudspeaker that has not only nothing to hide, but that invites you to be part of the production process. In this way we reduce the production time and costs in favor of a higher user experience, while delivering knowledge on how stereo speakers are build. We've worked hard to facilitate the construction and assembling process and to minimize the technology and its components. In this way, with just a few easy steps everyone can build Giacinto!

One of Giacinto’s main features is its skin made of recycled leather, a beautiful material that gives the loudspeaker a more human touch. This material has the capability to work as an incredible soundboard and be highly resistant and flexible. For this reason Giacinto is perfect to be presented in an assembling kit, and to be optimized in terms of space and time during the production process.

Two speakers of 4ohm- 5 W that create the stereo produce Giacinto’s voice. These speakers are placed in two boxes and connected to each other by a mini amplifier. The sounding box and the particular leather material support the sound of Giacinto.

Giacinto’s heart consists of its custom made mini amplifier of 3W + 3W. The PCB has four connectors’ entrances (one input, two outputs and one power supply) where cables must be attached following the instructions provided within the packaging.

Giacinto’s veins are its four white cables connected to the amplifier. Two of them carry the left and right output sound signal to the speakers and the other two provide the sound input and the electric power through a mini jack and a usb plug.

If you ever wondered how a stereo loudspeaker works, Giacinto is the answer to your nerdy question. We simplified the construction process into a few easy steps to make it understandable and accessible to everyone. Building Giacinto is fun, educational and stimulates you to listen to music in a more conscious way through a complete interactive experience.

Giacinto comes in a silver bubbled shock proof packaging (1kg - 20cm x 26cm x 5cm) that ensures a safe shipping, reduces the storage space costs and avoids the need of additional cardboard boxed. Moreover it allows you to carry it easily everywhere you want! 

Take Giacinto out of the pack and remember that you can always fold it back! In fact, we used recycled leather not only to stimulate your senses and because it looks elegant and more human, but because it allows you to fold it back and forth anytime you want!

See how flexible it is? We tested many material before choosing this one, in order to guarantee the highest quality, durability and sound isolation.

Take out all of the components! Giacinto's heart is small but resistant. It has been specifically designed for him by professional Italian Sound Designers to ensure the best sound result in the smallest and most manageable size. 

In case you were wondering, yes, Giacinto comes in a pair because it's a stereo loudspeaker, which means that a different sound is coming out of each speaker.

The first step in assembling Giacinto is to place the amplifier in the center of one of the two open boxes. Following the user-friendly instructions you'll find in the pack, all you have to do is to insert the four connectors in their correct place.

Use the screws you'll find in the pack to close the sounding box. We liked the idea of keeping it slightly rough because of the strong contrast with the elegance of leather and to emphasize the concept of assembling kit.

We really really don't like to waste material and therefore focus a lot on designing a smart production process, from the optimization of the space on the sheets before the cut, up to using waste material as something functional. From the speaker hole we made cable functional holders!

Squeeze it this way...

...and use the screws to hold the shape. Model it a bit with your hands, don't be scared to damage it, Giacinto is very resistant!

Just follow the same steps as for the previous one and you'll be fine!

You can either connect it to your computer...

...or to your phone! The USB plug can be powered by both your computer or a wall plug through adaptor. 

Because making you feel part of the project is so important for us, we decided to work hard to offer you a variety of interesting customization options. 

Giacinto 'Traditional' comes in this basic color of recycled leather but there are other three colors you can choose from! 

Leather is a very interesting and versatile material to work with, so we experimented laser marking it, to make it look even more special and unique! The result is incredibly fascinating...

We designed a range of textures you can choose from, inspired by the different music categories, so that each one of you can find his favorite one based on your very own style and music preference!

Laser marking leather is a very interesting process that happens with laser cut machines in professional labs, specified in this kind of production. It takes time and precision but the result is synesthetic!

We proudly introduce to you our limited edition premium version of Giacinto. It is made out of high quality Italian leather, manufactured in a Milanese leather lab and produced in Verona, Italy. This lab, like us believes in quality and in the power of material that can awaken emotions and stimulate senses. 

 You can choose between these three colors and to add an even more precious touch, we chose to substitute the stainless steel rings and screws with brass ones for the Premium leather version.

These are the two ring versions that surround Giacinto's 'voice'. On one hand you have the stainless steel version, on the other you have the brass version. 

Only in the Premium leather edition you'll get the brass ring and screws included, but we offer you two special rewards, in which you can totally customize your Giacinto and choose any material and color of skin, rings and screws. Moreover, we also leave the option open, to customize it with a unique incision, both for privates and companies (suggested).

We want to show you how much care we put in selecting our providers and collaborators, because it is also thanks to them that we were able to achieve the standard of quality we were aiming for. They did a great job and each actor has its own place in the production line, perfectly synchronized and focused on one single task.

Our Recycled leather comes from an italian provider from Monza, specialized in refining this material and producing it in a wide range of colors.

It is then passed to The FabLab, a shared digital fabrication laboratory where you can build almost anything using a mix of digital technologies (3D printers, CNC milling machines, lasercutter, Arduino) and analog machines for prototyping and production of objects/DIY products.

They cut our recycled leather and lasermark the textures and patterns we send to them.

Luxury comes in form of pure leather, produced in Verona and handcrafted in Milano by a small lab and an old folkloristic man called Armando Travi. He treats this material as the skin of a woman, guaranteeing the highest quality possible...what else do you need to grow fond of it?

The rings are lasercut and engraved by one of the main italian stainless steel manufacturers, called Benedetti S.r.l.. We provide him the files and he sends us lasercut sheets with all our beautiful rings attached, in stainless steel or in brass. 

And in case you're wondering what we do with the production waste of the inner circle...well, we created a bookmark you'll find inside of the packaging!

We tried to keep the technology as much italian as possible and even homemade in case of the amplifier, which has been specifically designed for Giacinto to meet our sound quality goals. 

Pink Elephant is a sound design studio from Monza, Italy, that prototyped the mini amplifier, guarantees the sound quality, joints the connectors and welds the cables to the speakers. They also created the soundtrack of our Kickstarter video!

As you can see, we are surrounded by a great team that ensures us professionalism and support in every step of the production! 

Our dream is to always provide a constantly-growing synesthetic experience thanks to an accurate research & development process, supported by the best professionals on the sound field and our product and service design skills. We will do this by offering you a range of accessories to amplify your “Giacinto experience”.

In order to give you the best synesthetic experience possible we worked on a particular accessory consisting of sound modulating filters made out of different sound absorbing materials. When placed in front of the speakers, these filters will modulate the various frequencies of the sound, each one in its own way. The aim is to make Giacinto become an analogical and not digital equalizer and to increment the awareness of the listening of music, where the user becomes the creator of its own sound.

Up to now, we produced three different pairs of sound modulating filters but we're already working on new materials, support us to reach the stretch goal and we will make it happen!

We want to explain to you how we will use the money raised:

Sinestesia is a design studio focused on the enhancement of experience and senses, for a deeper interaction of the user with products, spaces and services.

Sinestesia is a conceptual design studio born from the synergy of Lorenzo Appiani and Ludovica Vando and their passion for experience related to objects, spaces and services. Their belief is that functionality and aesthetics are only able to generate synesthesia if multiple senses are stimulated by an interacting experience between the user and what he is touching, seeing, smelling and feeling. From products to visuals and spaces, Sinestesia aims to evocate different senses through it designs in order to generate a long-lasting experience in which body, mind and spirit are involved.

*In collaboration with Yangmin Ge, who actively worked with us in the first research and development phase of Giacinto and now still collaborates with us as external provider.

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