Brand New: Issue 3 - Twelve New Xbox One Titles!

Here comes the money

Brand New is our weekly look back at all of the games that have been announced as coming to Xbox One in the past seven days. Rather than cover every game individually and watch it get lost in the mix of the week's news, we'll bring you all the facts and more in one handy rundown, so that you can see what's been announced at a glance. Because we're cool like that.

This week, we've got TWELVE new elbow droppin' games listed as coming to Xbox One and being added to the pX database.

We've covered Telltale's foray into the world of survival horror in more depth here...

Koei Tecmo have finally decided to bring Attack on Titan to the west, and you can read more about it here...

Creature Battle Lab looks like a kind of cross between Pokémon and a top-down brawler. You create your creature using over 60 base shapes, more than 30 pattern choices and some 200+ attachments, then take them into one of 27 arenas to battle it out in an attempt to become the top creature trainer on the Major League Creature Battling Circuit. Gotta build 'em all.

The BAFTA-nominated Dear Esther is a spiritual prequel to the PS4's Everybody's Gone To The Rapture and when released for PC back in 2012, was an early example of a less-than-traditional game style. It certainly won't be for everyone, but an Xbox One release for this tale of a man piecing together the events that led up to his wife's death on a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides is certainly welcome.

Dragon Fin Soup was released on PlayStation platforms and PC back in November 2015 and the RPG-roguelike is making the jump to Xbox One - as well as every other platform in existence, including mobile devices and Amazon FireTV - late in 2016. The Extra Chunky Edition will include all of the latest updates from the PC ersion, as well as new dungeons, items, recipes, and weapons.

When a press release introduces a title as "Crash Bandicoot meets Metal Slug" then we're going to listen, and that's exactly how the release for Eliosi's Hunt kicks off.

A top-down shooter with platform elements, the trailer suggests something more akin to the PlayStation 2 versions of Gauntlet for our money, and that's no bad thing. The game will drop on Xbox One on August 23rd.

The highly-regarded seafaring RPG Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas takes obvious nods from several other titles, but that's not a bad thing. After picking up some incredibly positive reviews on PC when it launched last year, this will be right up any Zelda fans' alley and certainly looks the part. High on our wanted list, for sure. The console version will be based on the remastered PC edition, with the developer targeting the full 1080p/60fps.

Shift Happens is a co-operative platformer where two players assist each other in getting through some devious puzzles and finding their way through the levels. Pitched as being a game for those that liked ibb & obb, Portal 2 (in co-op) or Rayman, this looks set to bring some smiles to couch co-oppers when it launches.

This is more of a re-announcement than a straight up new game, since Soda Drinker Pro has been bandied about for Xbox One and Kinect for a long, long time. The game that well, simulates the act of drinking soda, will feature 130 playable characters and hundreds of levels and missions to play through. Somehow. It launches as soon as next week, fizzing to the Xbox One on April 14th.

If one game in this list sticks in the mind, it'll be The Bunker. A live-action psychological horror title, the game features actors Adam Brown (The Hobbit) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful) in a tale that has been crafted by writers who have worked on the likes of The Witcher and Broken Sword.

The Bunker features no computer-generated effects and was filmed live on location in a real nuclear bunker in Essex. Players have to guide John through the bunker, solving puzzles, uncovering secreates and triggering flashbacks to reveal the bunker's secrets.

Now this is an interesting approach to platforming, and no mistake. The Last Word features a trip through the pages of a girl's diary. You move words on the page to solve puzzles and bridge gaps, leaping between the margins as you play through build the fantastical story, which changes based on your choices.

Trapped Dead: Lockdown is the second zombie title on our list this week, though this one takes an isometric view of the action. Playing as one of five different characters, you have to utilise clubs, axes, knives, revolvers, tasers, rifles, shotguns, bows, grenades, and even spell books as you attempt to survive. Multiplayer mode for you and up to three friends is on the cards as well.

So, which of these mighty nine that are coming to Xbox One has your attention? We'll let you pick two, so choose wisely, warrior...

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