Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue Ninety Eight

Welcome to What Games Are You Playing This Weekend, our light-hearted feature where we talk about what games we'll be enjoying this weekend. This isn't all about us, though, as we'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Now let's get into what games we'll be playing!

This weekend will be brightened up by the stealth release (finally) of TRON RUN/r on Xbox One. I'm an absolute sucker for anything TRON, so I dived right in and picked up the Deluxe Edition because there isn't enough neon in videogames. Also, I'll be continuing to ruin every car known to man in DiRT Rally and now that I finally have the cables and adapters and shoehorns required to get my e-kit working with Rock Band 4 on PlayStation 4, I'll be hammering through the tour mode like a poor Devonshire rip-off of Cozy Powell.

This weekend, after my spectacular willpower fail, I'll be playing Quantum Break. I had fully intended not to buy any more games until I'd cleared the backlog, but having a new toy shop open across the road from the office put paid to that. So I'll be seeing what all the time bending fuss is about!

In other games, I'll be continuing to play the 2016 reboot of Hitman to try and get some of the more outlandish challenges done (Kill the targets by pushing one off the balcony on to the other?!), the boy will be carrying on with the new Marvel playset in the Disney Infinity 3.0 which he is loving, and I have a funny feeling Halo and Far Cry still won't be getting a look in...

I'll be crashing my car while failing to listen to my co-driver in DiRT Rally.

It's all about the Quantum Break for me. Aside from that I plan to finish up a similarly time based venture in the form of Assassin's Creed Unity, yes the one everyone hated! I also got Star Wars: Force Awakens to watch and that will likely lead to some inevitable Star Wars game playing. Perhaps I'll dip into the newly updated Star Wars: Battlefront and perhaps tackle some Super Star Wars.

This weekend will be all about the undead as I will be making a start on replaying Resident Evil 6 on current gen and finally having a go at Zombi, a game that I have been wanting to try out for quite some time. It's been 20 years since I played my first zombie-shooting game (Happy anniversary Resident Evil!) which makes me feel rather old but I still love it. My personal apocalypse will be filled with the shambling dead. Grrr... Argh!

Moving away from single player, I rediscovered the enjoyment that I found in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer this week while feeling under the weather. I am really not a very adept shooter player and almost always shy away from competitive multiplayer games so it is a refreshing change. The cooperative wave-based gameplay is compelling as ever and it's gaining me an awesome boost in my battle against the reapers in the main campaign. This is multiplayer the way Lucie likes it. A lot.

Thanks for reading. Now we want to know what games you're going to be playing! Let us know in the comments below

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