Star Ocean V takes you on a world tour with new trailers for the Kingdoms of Resulia and Langdauq

Square Enix has been releasing key gameplay footage from its "Star Log" developer stream separately to help fans discover more about Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness for PlayStation 4. Today the publisher uploaded two new videos showcasing the Kingdom of Resulia and Kingdom of Langdauq from main character Fidel Camuze's home planet of Faykreed.

Most of the main party members from hail from these two kingdoms, which are currently allied. The peace they enjoy is disrupted by mysterious forces who may not be of their world. Star Ocean is billed as sci-fi JRPG series, but you'll definitely get more a traditional fantasy feel from the environments seen in these videos alone. Then again, it isn't Star Ocean without fantastical settings (and giant bunnies) either!

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