Final Fantasy IX now available on Steam, Beatrix finally lets us through

Faithful fans didn't have to Trance after all

Garnet's faithful admirers don't have to worry any longer. After maintaining radio silence about the PC release of Final Fantasy IX since last year's announcement, faithful fans have taken it upon themselves to speculate every possible theory for the game's release date. When the mobile release launched in February, PC gamers were hopeful the Steam release wouldn't be far behind. As March came to a close, Final Fantasy IX fans began questioning the defiinition of "early 2016" as there was no hope. Then, suddenly an EULA document appeared on the Steam store in the past week, albeit in Japanese. At the very end of it was an enforcement date of April 14, 2016, which many began to speculate was the true release date. The EULA was quickly replaced with an English version that removed any mention of a launch date, but Square Enix's plans were already made known. three and a half months of waiting, Final Fantasy IX is now available worldwide on Steam.

Beatrix was finally given the order to let us pass instead of knocking us out with a Climhazzard, allowing everyone to get their hands on the final PlayStation One era Final Fantasy title. Follow Zidane's adventures as he kidnaps Princess Garnet til Alexandros only to embark on a greater journey to save Gaia. Steiner, Vivi, Freya, and the rest of the Final Fantasy IX cast are waiting as well to stop Kuja's plot for world domination. The Steam and mobile releases both feature HD visuals, 85 achievements including Excalibur II, and 7 different game booster options to make your Excalibur II run less frustrating.

Final Fantasy IX is available for Steam, iOS, and Android devices globally right now. Steam gamers can pick the title up for a 20% discount until the 20th, when the PC version joins its iOS and Android brethren at the $20.99 price point. Don't keep Eiko waiting in Madain Sari too long, it's lonely there.

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