Mother 3 still reportedly planned for western release this year, still no word from Nintendo

When fans hear Mother 3 and west in the same sentence, we either view the news with a heavy dose of skepticism or get inexplicably hopeful. As time wears on, the hopeful fans gradually become skeptical as well. After all, we've been waiting ten years for Mother 3 to come west. Nintendo re-ignited that spark of hope in many fans last year with the surprise announcement and global release of the original Mother as EarthBound Beginnings, but they've remained silent on Mother 3. The rumor mill started churning again this February when industry insiders and Eurogamer reported Mother 3 is supposedly in the last stages of localization. The insiders have since redacted their statements and Nintendo has kept quiet on the matter, leading fans to question whether the long-awaited global release was actually in the cards. The rumor mill is still going, as insider Emily Rogers has reiterated the initial claim that Mother 3 is in fact coming west in 2016.

No details about the release are available, but Rogers still thinks the beloved game is coming this year. Nintendo has remained silent about the possibility of Mother 3 being localized despite the rumors pecking at their eyes like a Spiteful Crow. The game was released on Japan's Wii U Virtual Console in December, so a western release would almost certainly follow the same format. Fans have been trying to use PK Translate on Nintendo for years to no avail, but it's possible our collective psychic abilities are beginning to wear them down.

Mother 3 will celebrate its tenth anniversary next Wednesday on April 20th. Nintendo has a habit of announcing high profile releases like this in some way a week or so prior to the game's actual release, so radio silence means Lucas isn't likely to visit the west in time for the tenth anniversary. A surprise release during E3 is also a possibility similar to last year's EarthBound Beginnings release, so don't despair just yet. These are still just rumors until Nintendo confirms or denies them, so try to avoid using PK Hype to avoid any potential disappointment.

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