Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta starts next Friday

Fans that have signed up for the beta of DICE’s first person parkour sequel should keep a close eye on their emails next week…

The closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will start on April 22, although if you’re reading this you’re too late – registration has already ended.

EA has been encouraging people to sign up for months now, as a ‘Frontrunner’ and they’ll get an email code for the beta on Friday 22nd. Anyone that’s signed up for the beta via other means will get their code on Saturday 23rd.

It is still worth visiting the Frontrunner website and signing up though, as it’ll still put you first in line for other promotions in the future.

The beta will run for five days, until Tuesday April 26, and will feature ‘several’ main story missions, side missions, and other optional content. The Social Play features will also be up and running, allowing you to compare your best times with other players.

The game itself will be released on May 26, for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s almost a year since we last played it now, so we’re looking forward to reporting back on it once the beta starts.

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