Games Inbox: How often do you play single-player games?

I picked up EA Sports UFC 2 last week and after seeing a reader asking for a review, thought I’d give a few impressions. Firstly, I bought this purely based on Videogamer’s vid about how close to Fight Night this was, Round 3 being one of my favourite and still played games. I’m not into sport games myself but funny games? Yes, please. And this has funny in spades.

UFC 2 has great customisation and you can really turn the weird up on your bags of muscle, much hilarity when played with a friend will follow. But anyway, the game. I didn’t get on with the first UFC, as the grappling side of it was not fun and overly complicated. They have made this much more user friendly here though (don’t get me wrong, this game demands you learn its systems) as the new screen prompts take away the need to button mash in the hope of hitting a correct combination. But it’s still the weakest part of the game in my opinion, but I’m sure others would get into that side of it.

Graphics and animations are some of the best I’ve seen in any fighting game to date, with KOs rarely looking the same twice. The realism is fantastic, bodies ragdoll and blood sprays over fighters and floor alike. This is a very tactical fighter though, timing and precision of strikes being paramount. Which gives a great sense of urgency and panic when you miss that elbow to the face.

This game has modes and challenges aplenty, maybe Street Fighter V should have taken a lesson here because there is always something to do/progress and I have become quite hooked on managing my merry band of sideshow freaks. I am not good at this game but it does not detract from how much of a blast this is, failing is just as entertaining as winning – which really keeps the frustration to a minimum.

The best part about UFC 2 though is knockout mode. All grapples and clinches are disabled, and fighter speed and stamina ramped up. This turns it into a very aggressive slugfest, unfortunately this is unavailable online but hopefully they will add it later. To me this is a real gem which has slipped under the radar as there seems little coverage of it. But I guarantee anyone who takes a punt on this, that it will put a smile on your face.
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