Lionhead Studios to close, Fable Legends beta has shut down for good

Beta participants to receive refunds for any in-game purchases

Microsoft cancelled Fable Legends last month and, in the process, proposed closing Lionhead Studios. Last week, however, a rumor surfaced that Lionhead employees were debating the possibility of going independent and continuing development on the free to play MMO despite Microsoft's wishes. The console and operating system giant confirmed they were in talks with the studio about closing the studio, and it appears Microsoft got its way. The closed beta of Fable Legends has officially been shut down as of today. Any in-game gold purchased during the course of the beta is in the process of being refunded, so players don't have to worry that they've wasted their money.

Fable Legends was originally announced in 2013 and launched its multiplayer beta on Xbox One in fall 2014. The MMO was originally scheduled to release in 2015, but found itself delayed to this year. That is, it was going to be released in 2016 until Microsoft cancelled the title and proposed shutting Lionhead down last month. The MMO found itself shut down for good at 7 AM PDT this morning with the following message:

"Fable Legends is no longer running.

"All Stories have to end eventually, but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support - you are all Legends!"

The announcement on the Fable Legends website about refunds made no mention of the studio itself closing, but an update posted last week mentioned Lionhead was talking with employees about the proposed closure. The studio's employees opted for closing and pursuing opportunities with other development studios, leading Albion to see its final, legendary sunset this morning.

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