New Homefront: The Revolution trailer and free DLC revealed

Deep Silver’s open world first person shooter will reward achievements with free DLC, in the game’s new Merits programme.

Homefront: The Revolution has come up with a new way to reward players for signing up to its community, with a ‘Merits’ programme that will gift you cosmetic gear whenever you complete an achievement-like action.

The gear is taken from the Red Rebel set, which doesn’t change any of your stats or abilities but can be used to customise your character in the co-op Resistance mode.

What Deep Silver get in return is that you have to link your Homefront profile to your Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam account – something publishers are increasingly keen on getting you to do with modern games.

Seven Merits will be available at launch, with more planned after that. The game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Also released today is a new trailer called Hearts and Minds 101, which lays out the basic premise of the game, as you help to liberate Philadelphia after the US has been invaded by North Korea (unlikely as that may seem).

Homefront: The Revolution is being developed by Dambusters Studios, who used to be British studio Free Radical Design – makers of TimeSplitters. As such the first two levels of TimeSplitters 2 will be included in Homefront, as playable arcade cabinets in one of the prison areas.

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