Ubisoft still trying to fix The Division after Incursions glitches

Update 1.1 has wiped player’s characters and there’s still no word on if they can be recovered, but daily challenges are back tomorrow.

An update to add Destiny style raids, called Incursions, to The Division has caused widespread chaos, with players reporting that their in-game characters have been completely wiped.

The patch went live yesterday and as well as introducing the first Incursion, entitled Falcon Lost, it also added loot trading, daily and weekly assignments, and new sets of gear. Or at least that was the idea.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the problem with deleted characters, but as you can see below there’s no indication of whether they’ll ever be able to get them back.

But there were also problems elsewhere, with challenges mode dolling out far more high-end drops that was originally intended. Oddly, despite that being something players were actually pleased about it, it’s the only problem that’s been fixed so far.

Daily challenges still aren’t back, despite going AWOL over the weekend, although Ubisoft are promising they’ll be back tomorrow.

Even Falcon Lost itself is broken. Rather than raids it works similarly to a Horde style survival mode, with four players taking on 15 waves of enemies. Except that if anyone leaves there’s no way to replace them, and anyone that tries gets caught in a matchmaking loop.

There’s also been widespread reports of an epidemic of crashes and unexpected glitches, which is very disappointing considering the game’s actual launch went impressively smoothly.

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