Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin trailer coming tomorrow, set before Valkyrie Profile

The veil will drop soon

When Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin's teaser site went up earlier this week, Valkyrie Profile fans instantly felt a mixture of curiosity and excitement. Square Enix has kept everything other than the spring 2016 distribution window and the name of the game a secret for the time being as fans long for more. The wait for more information will soon be over, as producer Yoshinori Yamagishi announced via Twitter just hours ago that the game's first trailer will arrive tomorrow.

There are numerous questions Valkyrie Profile fans have surrounding Anatomia, but it's unclear just how many Square Enix plans to address with tomorrow's trailer. All we know is the name of the game and that the logo looks a bit like Lenneth. We also know thanks to Yamagishi's tweet this morning that Anatomia is going to be a prequel to Valkyrie Profile, so fans probably won't have to worry about the story getting messed up in a reboot.

The primary question still on everyone's tongues ahead of tomorrow's trailer is whether Valkyrie Anatomia will be a mobile title or find its way to proper consoles. Localization is also a concern for Valkyrie Profile fans in the west, but hopefully Anatomia finds its way to at least a handheld system. At least some of our questions will be answered tomorrow with Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin's first trailer. Fans of the series only have to wait a few more hours to get their first look.

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