Games Inbox: Are you okay with microtransactions in full price games?

Great interview, as always, with the Gears Of War guy but I can’t say I’m particularly interested in the multiplayer. Although I suspect they’re just focusing on that now so they can build the hype up with modes people do actually care about later down the line.

What worries me though is the microtransactions, with the Gears Crates and the map business. Microtransactions in a full price game are just disgusting to me on principle, although what worries me the most is that they actually seem fair. If you can get the crates for free and most of them are cosmetic only then that’s fine I guess. I can’t begin to understand why anyone would pay for them, but as long as it doesn’t upset the balance of multiplayer it doesn’t really matter.

The map business is also okay I think, quite similar to Splatoon by the sound of it. I guess my problem is all this stuff sounds like a scam even when it maybe isn’t. Hitman was the same. I think everyone thought it was a rip-off and only later did they kind of accept that it was quite a good way to do things. I hope publishers realise that’s the level of distrust they’ve sunk too now. Which when you consider things like the season passes for Batman: Arkham Knight and Star Wars: Battelfront is no wonder.

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