Each Final Fantasy VII remake episode is as big as a full game

The remake of Final Fantasy VII will use fighting game Dissidia as the inspiration for its combat, amongst other planned changes.

Rather than being a traditional episodic game, each part of the Final Fantasy VII remake will be its own full-scale game, on par with the scale of one of the Final Fantasy XIII games.

That’s according to producer Yoshinori Kitase, who agreed to answer 10 questions about the project – as put to him by American mag Game Informer. With still nothing close to a release date, he still offered very little in the way of detail but there are some interesting titbits here.

This includes the fact that the decision has been made on how many instalments there’ll be in the remake, although Kitase wasn’t willing to make that information public just yet.

He did however confirm that elements from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII games would be included in the remake, even if it’s just cameos and minor dialogue references.

This includes mobile game Before Crisis, rubbish third person action game Dirge Of Cerberus, and PSP action role-player Crisis Core. Although the most popular part of the metaseries has always been CGI movie Advent Children.

Kitase also implied that there would be other changes to the game and script in order to ensure there was plenty that was new for existing fans, although he didn’t give any examples.

It’s the combat system which is so far the most controversial element of the remake, which moves away from the turn-based battles of the original. So much so that both Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura are comparing it to fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy.

‘It won’t be as action-focused as Dissidia, of course, but the visuals and how the gameplay feels in essence will be drawn from that Dissidia-esque style,’ says Kitase.

‘In terms of game styles and battle systems, it’s been 20 years since the original, and a lot has changed. Trends have changed, and I believed that we needed to revisit and rethink that aspect for the remake.’

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