Games Inbox: Have you beaten Dark Souls III yet?

The more I read about VR the more underwhelmed I become. Granted I haven’t tried it myself, but the point is I won’t be making a beeline for a shop demo. I don’t bemoan the fact that VR is here, indeed I welcome it. But it seems to me the tech needs a few years yet.

I’m not the biggest Call Of Duty fan, but when I first heard of VR I imagined that sort of game would be the type of thing being worked towards. It seems though that this may be some way off (or even not possible at all?) with some developers suggesting‎ the quick frantic pace of such games would be too disorientating for VR to work.

I suppose there’s the prospect of driving VR games, which seem to fit quite well with the concept. It will be interesting to see what the big driving game developers can come up with, but again I find a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. From what I’ve seen so far (the images at least) the visuals are a somewhat lower resolution than perhaps we have become accustomed to over the last couple of years.

‎This seems largely due to the beefy specs required to run VR. PC specs are stipulating around a GTX 980 graphics card as a minimum requirement, which is no slouch. They cost about the same as a PS4/Xbox One and the visuals as seen on Hover Junkers is what you get? Maybe as the tech beds in developers will squeeze more out of it, and be able to increase the resolution. Indeed, maybe I’ll appreciate the visuals more if I was in the game rather than looking at them through Google.

Maybe HTC and Oculus, etc. should get in touch with Monolith Soft after their genial work on Xenoblade Chronicles X and the humble Wii U.

I’m a PlayStation 4 owner too and I’m led to believe that PlayStation VR is an even lower quality experience than Vive/Oculus.

I’ll continue to watch with interest, because it’s gaming related and very interesting, but so far my excitement has not been fired up.
r-s-w (Steam ID)

GC: It’s also worth bearing in mind that a lot of the developers working with VR on the PC are small indie developers, so don’t have the staff or budget to push the graphics in addition to the basic tech. You’re right that things have a long way to go though, and that games where you’re in a vehicle – and so your body is naturally stationary – work the best at the moment. Once Sony gets Gran Turismo Sport working on PlayStation VR, we’re sure that will be another milestone.

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