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Someone wrote in the other day about DiRT Rally working well with the Logitech G920 steering wheel for Xbox One. I recently bought this wheel and Forza Horizon 2, which also works great. Wanting another free roam racer, I bought The Crew which turned up yesterday.

It has not gone well. The steering started off OK but the acceleration, and particularly braking, were not functioning properly. None of the settings had any effect but I persevered anyway and got to the first proper mission when you get to buy your first car. After that, the steering stopped working!

After a lot of unplugging, plugging in and restarting the Xbox (none of which solved the problem), I created a brand new Xbox One profile and started The Crew again. The steering now worked but the pedals were still iffy. However, I didn’t reach the same point I did on my original profile but switched to the original profile and there was no steering again, switched back to the new profile and had steering back. I’m hesitant to reach the same point I did in my original profile in case the steering goes again.

Doing some online digging, I’m appalled to find out that the G920 (and the PlayStation 4 equivalent G29) is not officially supported by The Crew. If these were budget wheels I could understand but the price on Logitech’s website is £299! This seems to be Ubisoft’s fault for not adding G920/G29 functionality which seems bizarre – why would you spend heaps of money making a AAA racing game and not have it work with each a manufacturer’s top of the line wheel?

The G920 is the first steering wheel I have ever bought and while doing research on which wheel to buy, the issue of game compatibility never came up! You would think every recent major racing game would support such a wheel but as I have discovered today from Logitech’s website, only the Forzas, Project CARTS and DiRT Rally are officially supported on Xbox One! When using the G920 on a PC, the compatibility list is a bit longer and includes F1 2015 but Codemasters hasn’t officially supported it in the same game for Xbox One!
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