SEVEN: The Days Long Gone gets a subtitle, public presentation at PAX East

It's been a while since we've heard anything from our friends at Fool's Theory about SEVEN. When we first reported on the game in August, Fool's Theory and IMGN.PRO had just announced the existence of the Empire of Vertrall. For those who may not remember, Fool's Theory is made up of former CD Projekt Red developers who wanted to take a step back from the pressures of AAA game development. Today, the Seven team announced the game will get its first public presentation at PAX East later this month.

In addition to a pre-alpha version of the game being shown off in Boston, SEVEN now has a subtitle. The full name of the game is now SEVEN: The Days Long Gone. The Thief-inspired RPG is still planning on bringing its non-linear story to PCs, complete with its own parkour climbing system. Your climbing skills will be invaluable as you explore ancient ruins and hide from the Inquisition Tribunal's agents determined on hunting you down.

SEVEN: The Days Long Gone has no official release date yet, but publisher IMGN.PRO announced a Q2 2016 target when the game was first announced. With the game just now being shown in pre-alpha, it's safe to assume that target will most likely be pushed back later into 2016. SEVEN is currently only confirmed for PC, but that doesn't mean console versions can't come later.

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