Games Inbox: How many hours do you play games a week?

RE: Alucard. Reading his Inbox letter about how much work he/she put in to get the platinum Trophy in Bloodborne just shows me how far I have to go if I’m going to achieve that for myself.

I don’t usually bother too much about Trophies but I really want that platinum exclusive dashboard theme. I deeply regret not taking the time to get used to its game mechanics when I first got it.

I was actually really enjoying The Witcher 3 when I gave Bloodborne one last try but I haven’t played it since.

The fear of what’s coming is very real. I spent hours grinding for echoes before I finally grew a pair and gave the Cleric Beast a try.

I did him first go, but I remember from Dark Souls that getting cocky gets you killed quickly.

I tried Father Gascoigne, just to see what I was dealing with for myself and he literally wiped the floor with me first attempt. But second time I had a plan and it worked more or less flawlessly. I found him much easier to manage in his beast form, so now I’ve lit the lamp just inside the door to Old Yarnham. Durja is giving me no end of grief though, and if I can’t get to his tower tonight I’m going to spend 10,000 on the key to the plaza main gate, so I can go the other way around.

It’s hard to believe this is the same game I disliked so much the first few times I played it, I doubt I will see the endings or make it to New Game+ but I’m really enjoying it.

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