New Star Wars: Battlefront DLC has Lando Calrissian and Dengar

DICE has revealed the contents of the second DLC expansion, based around Bespin, but it doesn’t sound much better than the first.

Lando Calrissian and Dengar will be the new hero characters in Battlefront’s second DLC pack, due out in June. As previously announced it’ll take place ‘in and around’ Bespin’s Cloud City and will include four new maps.

Unlike the Outer Rim DLC some of these will be compatible with Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron, although so far the only one specifically described is set in the carbon freezing chamber (where Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker started their battle).

Also promised are new blasters, Star Cards, and a new game mode. But it still doesn’t sound like much for £11.99. Especially as they seem to be cheaping out on the hero characters again.

Lando is a clearly a necessity, but Dengar is pretty low down the bounty hunter popularity list and it doesn’t take much cynicism to imagine that the only reason he’s been picked over IG-88 or Bossk is that he’s human and doesn’t require as much work making his character model.

It’s a shame, because the free content for the game has actually been fairly generous. More is promised over the coming months, including Hutt contracts for new Star Cards such as the Berserker Trait, Bacta Bomb (a healing bomb, we’d imagine), and an Ion Neutralizer (presumably an anti-vehicle weapon).

On their blog, DICE are also promising ‘more options to enjoy Star Wars: Battlefront offline’. We’re not sure what that might mean, but perhaps computer-controlled bots?

‘Cool activities’ are also planned for May the 4th (May the Force, geddit?) along with more double score weekends and other special events.

The third DLC, due at the end of the year, is themed around the Death Star and we’d assume one of its two hero characters will be Chewbacca. The theme of the fourth DLC, due out early next year, is a secret but is now widely assumed to be Rogue One.

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