Games Inbox: Why are UK developers obsessed by racing games?

Very glad to hear about the news that Codemasters are to buy Evolution Studios. It would’ve been a real tragedy if that team had been broken up, as I really liked Driveclub. And after the fall of Lionhead Studios it would have been another disaster for British developers.

The fact that it will make Codemasters the biggest racing developer in the world is also interesting, although it made me start to wonder why British developers are so obsessed with racing game. Apart from Codies and Evolution Studios there’s Slightly Mad Studios (Project CARS), Sumo Digital (Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing), Stainless Games (Carmageddon), Reflections (Driver), Playground Games (Forza Horizon), and Eutechnyx (NASCAR).

Then there was Bizarre Creations before they shut down, and all the companies that sprung up after them. Ditto Burnout makers Criterion and Split/Second developer Black Rock.

And that’s just from memory/five minutes on Wikipedia. It seems of the big name UK studios left the majority make racing games. You know… that genre that’s been on the wane for the last two decades and which never really sells that well anymore. From a business point of view it makes no sense to me, but I guess the guys are just doing what they enjoy. So good for them I guess.

But what is it about British developers that makes them so obsessed with racing games? The only thing I didn’t like about Codemasters’ announcement is how they were basically bragging about not making anything but racers. A little variety didn’t hurt anyone.
Ashton Marley

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