Shovel Knight digital sales surpass one million, amiibo sales reach 180,000

Shovel Knight is an overnight success story for Yacht Club Games. Ever since the game's launch on PC, 3DS, and Wii U in June 2014, Shovel Knight has dug his way into PlayStation 3s, Vitas, Xbox 360s, PlayStation 4s, and even Xbox Ones. His continued success even saw the release of a Shovel Knight amiibo, becoming the first indie character to receive such an honor. Yacht Club has done some number crunching after the runaway success of their flagship title and they're pleased to announce that Shovel Knight's digital sales alone have surpassed one million. Combine that with another 200,000 physical copies, and you've got 1.2 million sales total in just under two years. That's impressive enough for an indie developer, but combine that with 180,000 amiibo sales and Shovel Knight has become a force to be reckoned with.

The news is greatly pleasing to Yacht Club, who admits that their previous games were lucky to break 50,000 sales. PC gamers are the most common Shovel Knight fans, with 32% of the game's sales coming from Steam. Another one percent comes from the Humble store and another one percent from GOG, putting PC at a firm 34% of digital sales. The second most popular platform is the 3DS, where the eShop can account for 29% of Shovel Knight's digital fans. Wii U holds third place with 17%, while the PS4 takes home fourth with 10% of the game's digital downloads. Amazon Fire TV owners also have a copy of Shovel Knight, as it was included with 50,000 consoles. Those copies weren't included in the platform breakdown pie chart Yacht Club put together, but they are included in the overall number of digital sales.

Even though Steam is the best seller, the 3DS sells almost twice as many copies in a given month. The primary reason for Steam's dominance is the fact that it's put Shovel Knight on sale more often than other platforms. In fact, the game's going on sale again to celebrate the one million digital sales. Yacht Club Games announced alongside their sales breakdown that Shovel Knight will be receiving a 33% discount for a week across every digital storefront to celebrate the game's success. Shovel Knight fans have plenty to look forward to, as Yacht Club is working on not one, but two more campaigns just like the free Plague of Shadows update. Whether they'll be free or not remains to be seen, but our hero just can't stop digging.

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