Microsoft ending Xbox 360 hardware production after over 10 years on the market

Xbox Live services will remain running for all Xbox 360 owners

Microsoft confirms today that it will be officially ending production of Xbox 360 console hardware after a ten-year run (as of November 2015) that helped cement the tech giant as a major player in the console gaming market. Xbox chief Phil Spencer pins the main reasons down simply to the "realities" of trying to maintain production for hardware that is now over a decade old. Any Xbox 360 consoles left on retailer shelves will be very last as Microsoft intends to sell through its remaining stock worldwide.

The good news is that it's only the hardware that will be moving on, for now; Microsoft will keep Xbox Live services running for all Xbox 360 owners, and the company will also continue to provide technical support for Xbox 360 hardware.

So out with the older hardware... and maybe in with something newer. Microsoft may be exploring what sounds like "mid-generation" updates for future Xbox hardware after all, but it's not alone with Sony's rumored "NEO" PS4 model looking to be a sure thing. In the meantime, gamers who have already moved on to the Xbox One can still make use of the console's backward compatibility with a growing selection of Xbox 360 games.

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