Think back to a time when you were absolutely engrossed and totally lost in music. Maybe it's a hot summer day, you've got the car windows open and you're on your way somewhere fabulous. Open roads, open fields...the wind streaming through your hair, the stereo's cranked and glorious, life-affirming music is spilling everywhere. Your head thrashes to the groove and your heart pounds. 

THAT'S what this project is about. That feeling.  

That's how our music makes me feel. It was written, played and recorded with that same spirit and feeling because above all else, it had to move me, it had to excite me, it had to make me just want to WIG OUT the way I do when I listen to my favourite music. There's no way I could come on here and ask for your backing if I didn't feel like this music could lift your spirits the same way that it lifts mine. 

I'm really proud that I get to play music with these chaps. Not only are they great friends, they also happen to be some of the most innovative and in demand musicians in London right now. 

We formed Flying Machines back in 2014. Before then we'd been playing together in a whole host of different bands, so there's a great sense of camaraderie between us and a very strong musical connection. We wanted to start a project that would combine our improvisatory passions with our love of rock and pop music. The result is melodic, explosive music that draws upon a huge variety of influences to create a totally unique sound. 

Read more about our music here!

We have the end in sight! It's been a long haul (no pun intended) but the final mixes of our debut album, which we recorded last year, sound like they did in my wildest dreams. All the rehearsing and gigging really paid off. We've captured 9 original compositions in the studio and there's something on the album for everyone, from visceral, rock out improv to lyrical ballads and lush soundscapes. We worked with an incredible engineer called Tim Thomas for both the recording and mixing; he has done a wonderful job of bringing this music to life. 

Now we need your help! We still need to:

We are aiming for a late September 2016 album launch date, ahead of our national tour in February 2017. We already have a number of dates booked, from Cornwall, London to Edinburgh - we hope to see you at one of them! We'll be adding more dates as we go along.

 Check out our tour dates here

We have 4 weeks to raise £3,500 and we won't receive a single penny unless we raise all the money in this time! I'm hugely grateful for any support you can lend to the project. You can pledge as much as you like for a download or CD if want to contribute more but are not interested in the rewards on offer at the higher price points. Thank you! 

Please help us to spread the word and use #flyingmachineslaunch so we can see what you're up to! 

Any extra funds we raise will go towards our national tour in February/March 2017 - touring is always a very expensive business and we're travelling long distances to bring our music to venues across the UK. 

The name Flying Machines is a tribute to my father, Roger Munk, and the Airships (now more commonly referred to as Hybrid Air Vehicles) that he dedicated his working life to. He was a renowned expert and world leader in the field of lighter than air technology and he was integral in creating and developing every aspect of these astounding vehicles. The company that he founded in 2007, HAV, are now flight testing the world's largest air vehicle. 

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