Build Entheon with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Imagine visiting Entheon where precious paintings, drawings, sculpture and moving images resonate with your highest states of consciousness. Entheon will exhibit the finest works of the Visionary Art movement, including Alex Grey's acclaimed Sacred Mirrors.

Become a part of this historic project to create a home for Visionary Culture. Your support will help complete the interior exhibition spaces and begin the extraordinary sculptural countenance of Entheon.

The Entheon Portal features Alex's relief sculpture, Creating a Better World, to be cast in bronze. The doors show Adam and Eve returning to the Garden, making a new world by their artistry and harvesting the Tree of Wisdom.

Then, enter MAGI Gallery, exhibiting original artwork by leading masters of the International Visionary Art Movement. Each visitor will get to spin the World Prayer Wheel at the reception desk. The Entheon Museum Shop will include affordable originals, limited editions, books and posters of the genre. Check out the unique and exclusive rewards offered by some of the world's finest Visionary Artists who join us in this campaign.

A shrine in Entheon will be dedicated to Alex's artistic collaboration with Grammy Award winning band, Tool. The Psychedelic Reliquary will host treasured artifacts and ephemera, including the spectacles of Dr. Albert Hofmann and the ashes of Timothy Leary. A bust of Visionary artist William Blake on an altarpiece will accompany an account of the history of visionary art.

Enter the Chaos, Order and Secret Writing world of Allyson Grey. Through her devotionally detailed paintings and ink drawings. Her Mystic Abstractions point to the fabric of spectral light at the foundations of consciousness.

Surrender to Love in the Family Room with Alex Grey's original paintings Kissing, Copulating, Pregnancy, Birth, Nursing and Holy Family. Take a journey through the relics of Alex and Allyson's provocative performance art rituals that led to the creation of Entheon. Also on view will be Gaia, one of Alex's most beloved monumental paintings.

The most transcendental of Alex's masterworks, Theologue, Transfiguration, Oversoul, One, Net of Being, Cosmic Christ, Godself along with Allyson Grey's Jewel Net of Indra will line the walls of the Great Hall, meeting place for community gatherings.

Enter the brick archway into the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Reflect on 21 stages of the self, transforming from the physical body into pure infinite love energy and discover the creator within.

Entheon will point to the sacredness of all creation and to the future of unity and diversity in our planetary civilization.

The ornamental concrete sculptures of Entheon will begin, if over $300,000 is raised in this Kickstarter.

With your help, ornamental concrete specialists in the Hudson Valley just 30 minutes from CoSM will create giant 3D print-outs of the sculptural features of Entheon. From those print-outs, molds will be made to cast all the sculptural elements in super-strong fiberglass reinforced concrete with a surface of crushed crystal aggregate.

It will take many unique molds to realize all of Entheon's exterior features. To attach the sculptures to three stories of brick, steel and concrete, the engineering alone will take $65,000. To complete the entire sculptural countenance -- $1.5M.

Emerging from the Angels of the Four Directions, DNA Dragons of Consciousness Evolution, ascend to the Steeple Head, the One.

By surrounding the entire building with one giant Godhead of many faces, Entheon portrays the unity of all wisdom paths and the interconnectedness of spirit.

The Steeplehead of Entheon suggests the people of four directions coming together in visionary oneness, a pinnacle of Sacred Unity where humanity meets divinity.

Secret writing in every culture is like a window revealing thoughts through symbols in the material world. Representing the language of creative expression, Allyson Grey's Secret Writing forms a band between the roof and faces. Comprised of twenty unpronounceable letters, this original alphabet corresponds to the nameless presence existent in all sacred writing, the spirit imbedded in communication that cannot be reduced to concepts.

 With your help, we will celebrate together the opening of Entheon in 2017! Entheon represents a future honoring the sacredness of all creation in our emerging planetary culture. It takes a community with the miracle of creative imagination to envision sacred space into existence and that is precisely what is happening. Please be part of this unique gift for future generations.

Thank you to the worldwide community whose contributions and purchases enable CoSM to raise the money to build a sanctuary of visionary art. The vision is manifesting before our eyes, join us at this important moment to complete the interior and begin the sculptural ornament.

Now it's time to complete the construction. Let's put the Sacred Mirrors back on view and begin the sculptural features that will distinguish Entheon as an inspiring pilgrimage place! Join us!

The inevitable consequence of love is the building of temples.

At reward tiers $50 and above, increase your donation to add any of the following rewards. Please add $10 for shipping in the U.S and $20 International.

Check the survey at the end of the campaign to specify your add-on choices.

+ Varja Guru, Shpongled & Love is a Cosmic Force, signed Kickstarter Exclusive Posters: $25 add as many as you like, or collect all three!

+ Monochord, Body/Mind As A Vibratory Field, Glimpsing The Empyrean, signed metallic arch print, choice of one: $225

At any reward tiers you may increase your donation to add any of the following original works of art by Alex Grey or Allyson Grey. Before increasing your donation, please contact [email protected] to confirm the original artwork is still available.

1975 - Alex Grey and Allyson Grey meet and move in together.

1978 - Alex makes life sized drawings of physical and subtle anatomy for a performance with Allyson entitled, Life Energy. Allyson Grey suggests a series of paintings based on the anatomy of body, mind and spirit, naming them Sacred Mirrors. Alex spends the next ten years creating the 21 paintings in the Sacred Mirrors series.

1985 - The Grey's simultaneously envision a Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to make a public offering of the Sacred Mirrors.

1985/1986 - Alex and Allyson sculpt 21 frames for an exhibition of the Sacred Mirrors at the New Museum in New York City.

1996 - The Grey's co-found CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, with the mission: To build an enduring visionary art sanctuary to inspire the global community.

2003 - Full Moon Ceremonies begin with friends in the Grey's Brooklyn loft to pray for the realization of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and the creative intentions of every member of the community.

2004-2009 - Chapel of Sacred Mirrors opens a temporary Visionary Art center in Manhattan, the first installation of the archangels and 21 Sacred Mirrors plus a MicroCoSM Gallery of the International Visionary Art Movement. CoSM brings together a global community that honors creativity and practices art as a spiritual path.

2008 - With CoSM earnings plus donations, a $750K downpayment is raised to purchase a $1.8M 40-acre retreat center in New York’s Historic Hudson Valley, to build an enduring sanctuary for Visionary Art and the global "Love Tribe."CoSM then restores three buildings, including a ten-bedroom 1862 Victorian guest house.

2013 - The Entheon project shoots forward when CoSM launches the first Entheon Kickstarter. Thanks to the outstanding support of 1,510 backers, the success of our 2013 Kickstarter funded the architectural plans and initiated the build. Then, a local bank offered a construction loan of $900K. Finishing the secure, acclimatized interior exhibition and site work will require another $300K before Entheon opens.

With those funds, we began transforming CoSM's 1882 carriage house into a 3-story, 12,000 square foot uplifting Visionary Art experience. This restoration is currently underway.

The mystic paintings of Alex Grey articulate realms of psychedelic visionary consciousness, revealing interwoven energies of body and soul, love and spirit, illuminating the anatomical core of each being. Alex's visual meditations on the nature of life and consciousness, the subject of his art, have reached millions through his five books, the exhibition and extensive reproduction of his artwork, speaking appearances including a popular TED talk, stage sets for major rock bands, video animation, and Grammy award winning album art.

Allyson Grey, MFA, is a painter, social sculptor, and Alex's creative collaborator, life partner and studio mate since art school in 1975. Allyson's paintings essentialize a world view of chaos, order and secret writing: the material world, the interconnected realm of energy + light and the sacred symbols of creativity. Through private consultations and her blog on art and life, "Ask Allyson," she serves as a muse to artists worldwide.

Together the Grey's co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), a spiritual cultural center in the Hudson Valley of New York. On the forefront of a movement in which painters join musicians on stage, the Grey's have painted together live on Broadway stages and sold-out theaters, clubs and festivals in dozens of international cities across five continents. As long-time advocates of "cognitive liberty," a growing international "sacramental culture" has embraced the Grey's as important mapmakers and spokespersons for the visionary realm.

Thanks to Zena Grey, for heroically piecing together the Entheon Kickstarter video. An actress with more than ten films to her credit, Zena co-hosts monthly the Lost & Found Film Club in Hollywood. Look for her extraordinary short features created for Buzzfeed/SnapChat.

Every member of CoSM Staff is essential to the fulfillment of this Kickstarter Campaign. Thanks especially to John Harris, Operations Manager for guiding us through.

We thank Murdock/Solon Architecture, Shea Murdock and Michael Levy, for brilliant suggestions and plans for Entheon. We are grateful to Blue Sky Design for engineering, Michael Day, additional engineering, and for the man organizing the build of Entheon, Brian James chief builder.

All of these visionary geniuses generously gave their time and services to the Entheon campaign. We are forever grateful.

To bring Alex's drawings into a new dimension, master digital sculptor, the Academy Award winning animator (Frozen & Zootopia), Ryan Tottle generously donated his talent to sculpt Alex's vision of Entheon. Thanks also to Alena Wooten-Tottle, an Academy Award winner, as well, [Frozen] for contributing the sculpting of Secret Writing on the Entheon model.

Thanks to Edge Visual world class digital effects artists, Edward Dawson-Taylor and Jackie Cooper, who set into motion the computer model of Entheon in its nature field.

Thanks to Mo Caicedo and Nick Martinelli at ~Hey Mister!~ for their brilliant Intro animation for the Entheon Kickstarter Video.

Thanks to filmmaker extraordinaire, Louis Schwartzberg, for incomparable videography.

Thanks also to visionary filmmaker par excellence, Shay Motion, for offering his special talent to the video.

Thanks to motion video artist, Johnathan Singer for contributing luscious background effects to the campaign video.

Thanks to Russian musicians KOAN for their contribution of superior music for the video.

Thanks to dear friend Dave Tipper for gracious use of his electronic musical genius.

Amanda Sage, Master Visionary painter, clothing designer, art professor, is also a CoSM Board Member who reached out to the finest Visionary artists working today for contributions to the original art rewards. Check on the exclusive and unique art offerings by the Visionary Art tribe.

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