Bot Party 3.0

Bot Party is a live comedy show (watch here) with real ROBOTS performing alongside actual humans. Think Whose Line is it Anyway meets Depero's Futurist ballets meets a community of makers. There will be bits. (and brakes) and perks!

Our robots range from automated puppets to retired industrial arms to characters remotely powered by haywire chatbots, walking the fine line between Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Stupidity.

Robots are isolated and expensive outside of university or DARPA or Google. We are a pioneering non corporate collective of artists and engineers that have been electrocuted once or twice, working out of pocket for a while now ... we need your help to create and maintain equipment that can be both silly and safe for public performance.

Bot Party 3.0 aims to be a full production of up to 10 new live performances (watch here!) in Austin, TX with ongoing potential to record or take the show on the road regionally. Budget aims to pay for equipment and venue rental, marketing, production staff, crew and actors, as well as further development of a robotic ensemble that can easily and safely travel to site shows at schools and children's hospitals.

Bot Party is a nonprofit theatre arts organization that arose out of Machine Shop performances with Austin’s hybrid arts Fusebox Festival in 2014 and 2015.

Ongoing collaborations between comedians and roboticists out of Austin Hackerspace, the Robot Group, Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have produced proper robotic characters "Annabelle" and "AVA," recently featured in a panel during 2016's SXSW Create, described by Engadget as “...a show that feels raw and raucous. As unpredictable and wacky as the real thing. It's bonkers and somewhat hypnotic.”

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