Games Inbox: Do betas do more harm than good?

I think the main problem Battleborn has is Overwatch. Both games are stealing the thunder from each other but the general consensus from what I’ve read on posts and forums is that people are more interested in the latter.

I was lucky enough to get into the Battleborn Technical Test last year and have also played the recent beta. I haven’t yet been able to try Overwatch but have seen some videos/live streams and so far Overwatch looks more fun. It has a faster pace with seemingly more exciting gameplay.

However, after the beta I was ready to write Battleborn off as it seemed a bit slow for me and escorting minions across a map wasn’t very fun. But the more I find out about Overwatch, the more I find in Battleborn’s favour.

So far, Overwatch’s main issue seems to be (just like Star Wars: Battlefront) lack of content. There is no campaign mode, which Battleborn does have. Both games are likely to have many more multiplayer modes than have been revealed so far but in Overwatch’s case, will this be enough? I can envisage having a lot of fun with it initially but then reaching a peak and wanting something more from it.

There is no character progression (apart from cosmetic skins). Everything seems to be unlocked from the get go. Once the novelty has worn off there doesn’t seem they will be much to sustain it. Battleborn on the other hand, at this point, looks to be a bit more complex (with the character building) and have more longevity.

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