The Android N Developer Preview comes to... the Sony Xperia Z3?!

Today, Google and Sony announced the is coming to a rather surprising device: the . Owners of the Z3 can install Sony's "" app on a Windows or Mac computer and download the developer preview.

Android developer previews are usually relegated to Google's Nexus line, so seeing a finished image for a Sony phone is definitely a surprise. The Xperia Z3 is Sony's flagship from 2014. The company's 2015 flagship, the Xperia Z5, isn't included in the developer preview.

For the Android M Developer Preview, Sony made it possible to compile your own builds of Android M from the Android source code for 17 of its devices. Things seem to be a bit easier for the Z3 this year—this seems to be a finished image.

The Android N Developer Preview brings split screen, a notification panel revamp, a hidden floating window mode, support for Vulkan, and some Java 8 features. Now developers and curious users don't just need a Nexus device, this random Sony flagship will work as well.

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