OPLØFT - Make your desk height-adjustable

OPLØFT is a super slim height-adjustable work surface that turns any regular table into a standing desk. This essentially enables you to intuitively change posture and position, to maximize your work comfort. With OPLØFT you achieve all the ergonomic benefits without discarding your regular desk. This makes OPLØFT an affordable and sustainable solution. 

OPLØFT is easy and intuitive to use. Simply push the handle to unlock and feel how the work surface becomes almost weightless. Raise or lower the desk to your specific height, let go and the stepless locking system ensures a stable desk at any height.

We wanted people to try out OPLØFT and tell us what they thought about it before we launched this campaign. See their first impressions for yourself.

"Sitting is the new smoking" is a statement which is used more and more often. Many of of us sit down way too many hours every day, which over time can result in backpain, neck pain and headaches. The key to avoiding those health risks is varying your working position throughout the day; change from sitting to standing, change the position of your legs, shift the weight from one leg to the other. OPLØFT unlocks a wealth of variety.

OPLØFT is a simple add-on solution that gives you the power to furnish your workspace in a creative and flexible way - ideal for home use and smaller offices. Its an elegant and flexible alternative to the large and often immovable standard height-adjustable desks. OPLØFT is ideal for both desktop computers and laptops.

We feel comfortable in our office and we created an atmosphere we think is pleasent and presentable. We did not want to compromise with the aesthetics by discarding our tables and replace them with regular height-adjustable desks. We are familiar with all the benefits of a dynamic working environment and good ergonomics, but could not find the right solution. That is why we started developing OPLØFT almost a year ago and we are very pleased with the result. It is important for us to merge Nordic style, quality and intuitive design and we feel the product reflects all of the 3 parameters.

The cross structure lifting system ensures that OPLØFT extends beyound the edge of the desk providing room for your legs when standing. The construction, high quality materials and spring elevation system makes it possible to lean against OPLØFT and unload your legs a bit when needed. OPLØFT handles an applied force of a least 40 kg (88 lbs) providing a similar stability to a regular standing desk.

OPLØFT's spring elevating system provides the necessary force to deliver an almost weightless feel to the lift. No cords, electricity or actuators needed. You simply need to pull the handle and lift the desk to your specific height. When releasing the handle OPLØFT locks at your favorite height.

The sleek design and dimensions of OPLØFT makes it suitable for most professions. OPLØFT weights approximately 12 kg (26 lbs) which makes it possible to move from desk to desk and to store when needed.

We feel very confident in our timeplan. Each member of our team is a qualified engineer and we have years of experience and a lot of knowledge about product development and production among us. First units will be shipped in October 2016.

We need your support on Kickstarter to market mature OPLØFT and to upscale the production from the start, so we can ensure the best quality at the best price.

Help us combine a sleek aesthetics design and simple mechanics with knowledge on healthy ergonomics, to reach out and expand the knowledge about good ergonomics.

We really hope you find our project interesting and wish to support us.

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