Afro Fiesta - Music is My Ammunition

We recently finished mixing and mastering our newest album, Music is My Ammunition, which will be released on April 16, 2016!! This album has been several years in the making, and we are so excited to finally share it with the world!! Now we need your help to fund the marketing and launch by pledging to our Kickstarter campaign!!

Music is My Ammunition is our third studio album, and the first that we recorded with Playing For Change. Music is My Ammunition is a reggae-rumba roots album with music and messages from deep in the heart of Africa. Having both left our native country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo more than fifteen years ago in search of a better life; we have been pouring our heart and struggles into our music.

 “The songs of my ancestors ricochet through the wind, and the smoke is rising from the words I and I sing, music is my ammunition, Fire Down Babylon,” sing the opening words of the album's first track, and cut to the core of Afro Fiesta's musical vision: to use music to educate and inspire the world to find positive solutions for the Congo and all of humanity. This album, which was produced by Playing for Change, is the first time musicians from the Democratic Republic of the Congo have had the opportunity to present the issues and struggles of their daily lives for the world to hear. 

The DRC is a vast country with immense economic resources and, until recently, has been the center of what some observers call “Africa’s World War”, with widespread civilian suffering as a result. The war claimed up to six million lives, either as a direct result of fighting or because of disease and malnutrition. Our people have been suffering for too long, and, as we sing in our song Congo, “it’s not easy for a hungry man to put his foot down.” 

 However, with your help, we will be able to spread our message of hope and peace for our homeland so that we too can live our lives with dignity and respect as citizens of this world. In addition, because the Congolese media operate against a backdrop of political power struggles and violent unrest, and media workers face arrest, threats and violence, the Congolese people are left without a voice to be heard. However, we plan to use the music from our album as an opportunity to provide a voice to the Congolese people. 

The DRC is scheduled to hold its presidential elections in November 2016, and there are significant signs that it may be headed towards a deep and violent political crisis. We hope to use the funds raised from our Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness regarding the upcoming presidential election in the DRC. 

Now, we need your help to spread this message, and help us give a voice to the tens of millions of our people struggling to survive in our homeland!! From the Congo to the Mississippi we want to see people living free!!

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