The SOLOSCOPE Automatic Watch by XERIC: Time to go Solo.

When you put on your watch in the morning, does it reflect who you are?  Well, it should!

We live in a time when everyone has the same stuff, racing for the latest phone, fastest laptop and most advanced gadget. Every single one of these devices will soon be obsolete. Your WATCH, on the other hand, is a chance to reflect your value of striking design and timeless mechanics, and that is why we hope you'll join us in bringing the Limited Edition SOLOSCOPE Automatic to life. Let the latest and boldest mechanical watch by XERIC remind you -- and everyone around you -- that you are making your own mark.  It's time to go SOLO.

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power. This personal time machine will be right there on your wrist through all the forced upgrades of your gadgets and their planned obsolescence. At XERIC Watches, we are taking a step back to classic mechanical watches, affordably priced, so that you can move forward in your individuality. We believe our creations focus on what really matters when you're the one with most striking watch in your world.

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic separates display from mechanics. It has a single hand, fusing hours and minutes in a distinctive but simple display balancing function and style. This hand encircles the hour and points to the minutes. The other half of the face exposes twin balance wheels, and the mechanics that powers the watch in reaction to motion of your wrist. 

A watch isn't complete without a great leather strap. We've proudly teamed up with the historic American Tannery HORWEEN for some undeniably awesome time belts!

Love the SOLOSCOPE Automatic but prefer something more affordable? Kickstarter supporters can own a premium Japanese Miyota-powered SOLOSCOPE 'RQ' & 'SQ' QUARTZ (below) - starting at just $239. Same spectacular design for this round and square battery-powered iteration.

Those who are attracted to XERIC Watches -- the new and longstanding customers of WATCHISMO and WATCHES.COM -- are tired of ostentatious watches that merely express privilege, and dull watches that say nothing at all.  We found a way to offer affordable, limited edition -- but still amazing -- watches to fill that void. We are unleashing the SOLOSCOPE Automatic, our most adventurous and personal design to date.

At XERIC, we are passionate about making watches that no one has seen before - it's all we do.  To bring the SOLOSCOPE to life, we need the thumbs-up from individuals who take pride in standing out from the pack. We need you.

We value Kickstarter as a way to reach those unique individuals who share our dream of making highly unusual mechanical watches affordable. We feel a kinship with Kickstarter culture and the visionary people who support alternative concepts like the SOLOSCOPE.

Like the chambers of a beating heart, the balance wheels pump life into this complex time machine. Watching the action of a living machine on your wrist gives a thrill no electronic gadget can.

Simply wearing your SOLOSCOPE Automatic spins the rotor, storing enough energy to power the movement. The oscillating mass (rotor) generating the power supply to the movement is seen through the caseback porthole viewing crystal (as shown below).

Each XERIC timepiece will be hand assembled. A limited edition of 999 allows for superb attention to detail and great care when building the full SOLOSCOPE collection.

The Horween Leather Company has set the standard for the highest quality leathers since 1905. All of their leather is processed at their location on the corner of Elston and Ashland in Chicago, Illinois.

We are working with exceptional manufacturers with decades of experience in the watch industry. They're excited to start producing the SOLOSCOPE, with every excruciating detail to our exacting standards.

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After years of specializing in only the most unique timepieces, creating XERIC WATCHES was the natural progression for WATCHISMO & WATCHES.COM founders Mitch & Andrew to explore their creative passions.

WATCHISMO is carefully curated watch collection by brothers Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt, modern horological enthusiasts with a passion for unique timepieces. Purveyors of wrist-borne time machines since 1999, WATCHISMO is a singular source for unusual modern watches from around the world.

Mitch and Andrew founded XERIC Watches to bring complex, mechanical timepieces like the XERISCOPE & HALOGRAPH collection to a broad cross-section of watch enthusiasts who dream of an affordable mechanical watch. Together, the brothers have carefully curated the exceptional collection at WATCHISMO, which since 1999 has been a singular source for unique modern watches from around the world. XERIC Watches represents a natural progression of the business: from Curators to Creators of designs that reflect their experience, knowledge and passion for the truly unusual.

Special thanks to Xeric's summer intern Jeron Hogan, currently studying mechanical engineering at Cal Poly. 

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