Rumor: Bitcoin support coming to Steam in the near future through a third party processor

Physical wallets rejoice until the next Steam sale

Valve may soon be offering a new way for gamers to pay for their games on Steam. If PayPal and traditional credit cards aren't enough, bitcoin users may soon be able to use their crypto currency instead. Reddit user Xinasha reportedly received an e-mail from Valve earlier today about the planned support for the new currency. Customers don't have to worry about prices being higher as a result of opting to pay in bitcoin either. This surely comes as welcome news to people who became concerned about their account's security after the caching debacle that affected the Steam store on Christmas.

The e-mail tells developers and publishers that no action on their part is necessary. If a game is listed at $9.99 on the Steam store, consumers will only pay that much even if they pull out their bitcoin wallet. Since bitcoin's value can change on a daily basis, Valve will be working with a third party processor like Bitpay or Coinbase. Which processor will be used wasn't specified in t he e-mail, but publishers are told that they don't have to worry about tracking bitcoin values or set a currency specific price since all that will be handled by the bitcoin processor. The processor will handle everything concerning bitcoin transactions and translate that into traditional currency that Valve can then use to give developers and publishers their cut of the sale.

A similar rumor popped up a couple of months ago, but this e-mail seems to be more solid than the last time this possibility was brought up. Valve has yet to issue an official statement announcing their plans for end users, but that doesn't mean the e-mail can't be legitimate. For now, bitcoin users should just hold on to their wallets and keep an eye on Steam's payment options. There's no telling if or when bitcoins will become an option. If this holds up, your physical wallet will be thanking Valve until the summer sale happens.

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