GameStop establishes new GameTrust publishing division, signs Trine developer

Looks like Ratchet and Clank may have a new home

GameStop's expanding, but not in the way you might think. Instead of adding new stores or launching its own amiibo line, GameStop is getting into the publishing business. This news already broke back in January when Insomniac announced Song of the Deep, but the used game retailer today further clarified its plans to publish games. GameStop is creating the new GameTrust label for publishers to work with. Song of the Deep is the company's first planned release this July, but there are bigger plans in store as GameStop signed Trine developer Frozenbyte.

GameTrust will operate independently from GameStop when it comes to day to day business operations. The company isn't looking to take on Activision, EA, or other major publishers yet, but they do plan on releasing smaller games during less crowded release windows to keep games from being overshadowed by major AAA games. Along with Frozenbyte, GameTrust has also signed Ready at Dawn Studios, Tequila Works, and Insomniac Games. Only Insomniac has announced plans for a game to be released under the GameTrust label at this point, with Song of the Deep scheduled for a July 12 launch. Plans for future releases through the new publishing company will surely come in the near future.

It's unclear at this time how games from GameTrust will be delivered to consumers. It's not unlikely for physical releases to be GameStop exclusives like Song of the Deep is planned to be, but plans for the physical versions of future titles will be announced as they become available. On the digital front, Song of the Deep will be available through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Store, and Steam, so it doesn't appear GameStop will be taking this opportunity to push their PC app as its own platform just yet.

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