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So, we have done the difficult part:  the songs have been written, sung,  arranged, rehearsed, recorded and mixed.  After 18 months of hard work we have an album of which we can be proud, and beautiful art work to go with it.  And thanks to the help of some very clever and creative friends we have even made a video (see above).  But now we really need your help for the final touches and to get this baby to fly.  

Hi!  My name is Barbara Saeva Diana, I am a singer and a songwriter with a varied background that includes classical music, opera, music theatre, folk music and poetry. When I first started this journey, it was just me, my guitar and a bunch of songs.  I have written songs for as long as I can remember, and I love going around to sing them.  But I wanted to add a further dimension, and create a richer sound and a more colourful  instrumental texture for my songs.  Thanks to a benevolent star and a series of fortunate circumstances I met sound wiz Riccardo Damian (now a Grammy award winner!), and together we embarked on this adventure - because recording an album is very much an adventure - which has proven often magical, at times challenging, but always exciting. 

We have brought together a group of fantastic musicians from different musical and cultural backgrounds, each of whom has brought with their talent, expertise and individuality a new level of inspiration, leaving their personal mark on the final result.  In this sense, this has been very much a collaborative experience.  The name of the project, 'UNA, which in different languages means 'one' but also 'together', aims to reflect this integration of individualities.   

'Ifs' is a collection of stories that explore possibilities. It is not easy to 'label' the music: what was the naked simplicity of text-led songs, inspired by the tradition of the great singer-songwriters, has been enriched with influences as diverse as jazz, country, classical, folk and world music, and the final result is quite eclectic.  Our main aim was to create an uplifting experience for the listener.  I deeply believe in the power of song to enrich and enhance our experience of life: it is certainly the case for me, and this is why I sing. I think the best thing to do is to let the music speak for itself, so as well as the video here are some of the tracks.  You can listen to more on Soundcloud by clicking on the name in the image.

Here are the musicians, an international bunch: Lorenzo Rutili and Stefano Silenzi (guitar), Andrea Ghion (bass), Sami Tammilehto (drums and percussions), Roberto Parolin (drums), Jonathan Walker and Ivan Prevedello (piano), Tory Dunn (accordion), Emily McGregor (violin), Elizabeth Thea Judd (cello) and Ian Noonan (clarinet and sax).  To them goes all my gratitude. And while I am at it, thanks to Stefano Bellucci Sessa for the art work, and to Astrid de Berardinis, Aniello Greco, Alessia Vetro and the little Giada for the video.  

'Ifs' è una raccolta di storie che parlano di possibilità.  Non è facile categorizzare questa musica. Quella che era la nuda semplicità di canzoni ispirate alla grande tradizione dei cantautori è stata arricchita da influenze molto diverse, jazz, country, classica, folk, etnica, ed il risultato finale è abbastanza eclettico. Il nostro scopo principale era creare una esperienza piacevole per l'ascoltatore. Io credo profondamente nel potere delle canzoni di arricchire ed esaltare le nostre esperienze:  per me è sicuramente così, ed è il motivo per cui canto. Quindi penso che la cosa migliore sia che la musica parli per se: oltre alla canzone del video, qui sopra ci sono i link ad alcune tracce, e potete ascoltare  altre canzoni su Soundcloud cliccando il nome del gruppo nell'immagine.

The process of making the album has been very rewarding, but also financially demanding, which is why I have come to Kickstarter in the hope of raising the further funds we need for the next stages:  mastering, printing, distribution and promotion.

After all this work, and with so many talented people involved, it would be a real shame if we were not able to bring our music to a wider audience. Our target is the minimum we need to complete the production and to 'kick-start' the distribution.  Every penny (or cent, or dime) we receive will go into

When we meet the target for the essentials (as above) we will then concentrate on two further things: to pay for some professional PR support to promote the album; and hopefully to raise enough money to release a vinyl version of the album (that warm, lovely sound!).

Il processo di registrazione dell’album è stato molto gratificante, ma anche costoso, ed è per questo che ho pensato a Kickstarter nella speranza di raccogliere gli ulteriori fondi necessari per le prossime fasi: masterizzazione, stampa, distribuzione e promozione. Dopo tutto questo lavoro, e con tante persone di talento coinvolte, sarebbe davvero un peccato se non riuscissimo a portare questa musica ad un pubblico più ampio. Il nostro target è il minimo di cui abbiamo bisogno per finire la produzione e avviare la distribuzione. Ogni centesimo sarà usato per

Pledge.  If you were able, please pledge some money now. Any amount will do: as you can see, the rewards start from what is pretty much the price of a cup of coffee, and while there is no upper limit, any amount will make a huge difference to us, and we would be extremely grateful.

Please tell your friends!  Whether or not you are able to support our project financially, sharing our campaign and giving us visibility will be a fantastic help.  Gratitude galore!

Feedback. Any comment and feedback is welcome and much appreciated!

Thank you for visiting our page, for taking the time to read and listen. We are very grateful for your support, and we hope you enjoyed the music

Donazione. Se foste in grado di sponsorizzarci, sarebbe una cosa meravigliosa. Qualunque importo sarebbe un grande aiuto: come potete vedere, i reward partono da quello che è più o meno il costo di caffè e brioche, e ogni importo per noi fa una grandissima differenza. La nostra gratitudine sarà illimitata.

Grazie per aver visitato la nostra pagina, e per avere preso il tempo di leggere e ascoltare. Siamo veramente grati per il vostro supporto, e speriamo che la musica vi sia piaciuta.

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